Essays on Issues on Manager's Roles Report

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The paper “ Issues on Manager’ s Roles” is a brilliant example of the report on human resources. Management is an activity that companies use to ensure that they achieve all their aims in the long run of a business venture. In this business report, a competing value framework as an analytical tool will be used to examine the abilities of a manager in managing people’ s skills in a business organization. The theories that are used in the analysis of the concept of managing people’ s skills are also considered essential in this report.

The application and use of these theories are being discussed in this essay. The report findings on the theories, both modern and traditional, are also discussed extensively with the recommendation being given for the development of a good managerial strategy in managing people’ s skills. The modern concepts and theories are applied to most of the managers in the recent past, but some others prefer traditional concepts and theories. But competent managers have to be able to apply both the traditional and modern concepts in order to cover all areas especially those employees who are still not able to match up with modern technology in the globalization age.

Competing value framework is significant in the examination and organization of people in the business. The manager should consider the action taken in order to create a good working environment for the employees. When a manager creates a target and wants to achieve it he/she should consider communicating the same message to the employees and listening to the suggestions brought and also their status of the business. The manager should emphasize standardized work activities and understanding of the culture of the people in the company. IntroductionThis report will be able to cover different concepts in managing people in an organization, the application of these concepts, and theories in the current system of management.

This report will be based majorly on the concepts and theories passed across in the competing value framework. This is a tool that is used recently by most managers in different organizations.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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