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The paper "Brand Personality Analysis" is a good example of a business assignment. Brand personality is one of the most important aspects of the brand image for key product brands. Most product brands are often positioned in the market based on certain human personalities or qualities such as competent for instance diligent or intelligent; sophistication for instance glamorous or good looking; excitement for instance cool, trendy or fashionable; ruggedness such as masculinity or tough; or enchanting such as femininity (Bouhlel, 2011). It is the brand personality that sets a brand apart and makes it competitive against others like it in the market.

It is also important as it often appeals to consumers who wish to enhance, affirm or express their sense of self or their personalities using the brand personality of the products they use (Park, & Roedder, 2010). In this sense, a brand personality is imperative for the success of a brand in the market. This paper reviews the theory of brand personality and uses this theory to analyse the brand personalities of Apple, Nokia, Samsung within the electronics industry, evaluate whether the brands are reflective of their appropriate personalities to attract their target markets and provide recommendations for one of the products.

In this sense, by understanding the brand personalities of these three brands, then it would be easy to understand how they are competitively placed in the market and how they emotionally appeal to customers they target. 2.0 Literature Review on the theory of Brand Personality Brand personality has been defined as “ a set of human characteristics associated with a brand” (Mahle & Supphellen, 2011:96). Brand personality is a critical emotional part of a brand image aside from other parts such as brand culture, brand positioning, brand vision, or brand identity which are critical in building a brand image (Sung and Kim (2010:645).

Consumers find it easy to associate brands with their personalities such as tough, charming, honest, cheerful or adventurous.


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