Essays on Buyer Behaviour Related to Motivation Essay

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The paper "Buyer Behaviour Related to Motivation" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. Consumer behaviour is directly proportional to the motivation of consumers. Consumer behavior refers to the study of why, when, where and how people do a purchase or do not purchase a product (Hausman, 2000). The elements that affect the behaviour of consumers are in the form of social anthropology, sociology, economics, and psychology. This also enables the sellers to understand the process of consumer’ s decision making in groups or individually. Characteristics of an individual buyer are very important in understanding their behaviour in buying.

Factors like behavioral variables and demographics help in understanding the ants of human beings. Influences of an individual could originate from groups like friends, family, society and reference group. The consumer plays three roles as far as the product is concerned which include paying, using and buying. According to the researcher (Hausman) 2000, it is evident that it is not easy to predict the behaviour of consumers. There are other factors which affect the customer purchase behaviour like the personalization, one to one marketing, and customization, management of customer relationship and consumer retention. Concepts which facilitate understanding of buyer behaviour in practical situationsMarketing is a concept that ensures that the services provided to the customers are satisfied.

For the marketers to fully understand the buyer’ s behavior and especially with reference to the practical situation, it is important for them to understand the various factors which influence the consumer's buying behaviour. Understanding the buying behaviour of the customers whether they are the consumers or the other businesses is very important for the success of any marketing business (Bettman et al, 2001).

This is because most of the buyers base their decisions on buying both on emotional reasons as well as rational reasons. An example of the rational category of customer buying decision making includes a customer who wants to buy cereals for her breakfast but then goes ahead to check on the brand and especially if the customer is a repeat consumer her decision may be based on her emotions. One of the keys to ensuring a business owner keeps the customers and retains their loyalty is through ensuring the customers are emotionally attached to the brand so that they are not influenced by the competitors and especially through their lower price offers as well as other incentives (Hausman, 2000).

The more a seller understands the factors that influence the behaviors of consumers in buying the easier it is for him create a strong relationship with the buyer and is also able to focus the marketing strategies as well as the tactics for the purpose of improving the growth of the business. There are the main ways of gaining an understanding of the customer’ s buying behaviors.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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