Essays on Coca Cola Company Resources and Capabilities Case Study

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The paper "Coca Cola Company Resources and Capabilities" is a good example of a management case study.   The Coca Cola Company is a world business leader in the beverage industry. The company is the leading soft drink maker in the world-spanning in over 200 countries and own a further 400 non-alcoholic beverage brands (Coca-Cola, 2013). The company began in Atlanta in the United States in 1886 and by 1937 the company had expanded to Australia. The Coca Cola Company has faced a number of both external and internal challenges in the marketplace due to socio-economic, market-driven and regulatory changes.

In order for this company to grow and maintain its operations for the past decades to successfully run to this date, it has to have a competitive advantage over its rivals and strong resources and capabilities (Hitt, 2017). In the current competitive world, organizations have realised the importance of having a strategy. The strategies are based on the capabilities and resources of the specific organization. Coca Cola is a good example of a company that has always upgraded, invested and taken advantage of its resources and capabilities to be the most successful brand in the beverage industry for more than a century. Rare and Inimitable Capabilities The Coca Cola Company has very strong financial capabilities.

With this financial strength, the company can increase its market share in many countries. The company can easily recover from losses and still invest in other potential markets. These finances can be used for marketing and promotion and also carry out extensive research. The company also has many workers that work in an environment that is open and positive. They are able to openly communicate ideas and comment on enhancements and suggest developments (Datamonitor, 2000).

These ideas can help the business in acquiring new talents, business and operational ideas for the organization. They are also able to see loopholes and issues affecting the business processes and repair them. The company's culture is also part of its capabilities; the culture is commendable and unique with a community consisting of a talented workforce guided by universal ethics. The Coca Cola community includes the employees, suppliers, distributors, bottlers and wholesalers in almost every part of the country where the beverages are consumed.

Having this diverse group of people working together towards one unified purpose is quite a complex task (Puravankara, 2007). The Company's reward and organizational systems help with these but they do not substitute the Company's global image and values that span across diverse cultures and beliefs. The core values of the company include passion, leadership, integrity, collaboration, accountability, integrity, quality and innovation. These values bring a large number of Coca Cola's subsidiaries together in one unified invisible bond. The company's working environment is wide-ranging and comfortable making it easier to complete tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

The Coca Cola Company employees revel in carrying out their processes the right way. These workers share most of the same qualities that ensure the company's continued success and growth. They are enthusiastic, devoted, smart, risk-takers and innovative. The company has an outstanding workforce at every level that ensures the daily success of the company. They are loyal to the Company's mission and vision and attempt to make the Company the best Consumer products company in the world in every aspect of the business.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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