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The paper “ The Outsourcing of the Firms’ Services to India” is a cogent variant of the term paper on human resources. The US organizations mostly prefer outsourcing the call center’ s services to India. India is a preferred place for call centers since it offers a large variety of benefits compared to other countries. According to Vagadia (33), India is considered to have a large number of qualified staff members; the country also provides call centers outsourcing services that are cost-effective. Outsourcing of call centers may give a company an edge as far as reducing the operational costs is concerned.

With respect to outsourcing, the operations of the call center are handled by an offshore organization; the offshore organization uses its own infrastructure and staff members. Internet and communication technologies have enhanced the outsourcing phenomenon to a global scale. Through outsourcing, the owner of business reduces the company’ s expenses, expansion of capabilities, as well as maximizing their profits. 2.0 The Benefits of Outsourcing Services to IndiaA Large and Educated WorkforceThe call centers found in India have a large number of qualified and skilled personnel.

The employees are literates as well as experienced professionals as far as English is concerned. India has the largest English speaking group after the USA. Dass (1) argues that large and well-educated individuals in India have been a great advantage in relation to other nations. Indian is expected to continue bearing well-educated as well as a large workforce since it comprises an increasing number of successful training institutes and college graduates. The large manpower of India is willing to work at a less price. In India, the manpower is accessible at a fraction of the overseas cost. Unique Call Center Service  The call centers in India have specialized experience in offering outsourcing services.

This includes the telemarketing services, the technical help desk services, the CATI services, inbound call services, and the email support services. In this regard, the call centers located in India provides a number of IT-enabled services.

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