Essays on Integrated Marketing Communications Campaigns Assignment

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The paper "Integrated Marketing Communications Campaigns" is a worthy example of an assignment on marketing. There are a number of concepts as well as philosophies associated with integrated marketing communication. It should also be noted that there is a difference between marketing communications tools, such as advertising and public relations. The concept also applies the principles of marketing theory to analyze a given communications problems (Armstrong & Kotler, 2007). Integrated marketing communications refers to the process of integrating and coordinating all the marketing tools, functions, avenues and sources, which are within the company into one seamless program that is capable of maximizing all the impacts felt by the consumers as well as any other end-user but at a very minim cost.

It also entails the management of customer relations in the sense that they will be able to drive the new brand values through some efforts in communication. Some of these efforts are processes involving cross-functional which ensure a very successful profitable relationship is cultivated with the stakeholders as well as the customers though strategically influencing as well as controlling the messages that are sent to the groups as well as encouraging the data-driven and purpose-driven form of a business.

There is all-round coordination as well as the integration of the tools of marketing communication, which should affect the firm’ s business, the marketing channels, the internal directed form of communications and customer-focused (Armstrong & Kotler, 2007). The three integrated marketing communication campaign used includes the following advertising, public relations, and direct marketing as well as database marketing. B. Reasons for choosing the three Integrated Marketing Communications campaigns The 4Ps approaches of service and product marketing have several shortcomings.

The 4Ps model is internally oriented, product-oriented, lacks human element, lacks interactivity with customers, lacks quality element and relationship building and communication is absent in the 4Ps approach. This makes it inappropriate for service marketing that requires personalized relationships. Thus to address these shortcomings, service marketing has devised the services marketing mix. This is where the issues of employee motivation come in. Branding of the products, and services, knowledge management as well as the integration of the departments in the company to ensure there is a connection between the employees and the customers in the process of service production so that the needs of the customers can be met effectively (O'Guinn et al.

2003). Still, that is not enough and so the three integrated marketing communication campaign is used. One of the main purposes for the integration is to ensure the three tools or campaign works harmoniously with each other to accomplish the purpose it is intended to. This is because their sum output is far much better than their parts of the output.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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