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The paper 'Campaign Planning Issues ' is a great example of a Business Case Study. Shaws, the Drapers Co. Ltd, is a well-organized enterprise and it has gained a firm foothold in the wool industry. It is based in South Wales and West of England and one shop in West Midlands. Although the directors centered on product and production excellence backed by technical sales support, they become aware that there is a market-led strategic change in their industry. The industry has the second-highest net promoter score of all domestic wool industries (Kileen, 2010; Lamb, 2010; Pride & Ferrell, 2010; Abrams, 2010; Atlantic, 2010; Meyer, 2010). Research: Through secondary research, I familiarized myself with internal communication tools Shaws the Drapers Co.

Ltd uses with its employees. I also collected integral information about the wool industry and corporate’ s stand on sustainability efforts. Secondary sources included websites, e-mails, annual reports, and marketing materials such as posters, flyers, and brochures. My primary research consisted of in-depth interviews with key leaders of the campaign launch, back of house tours, and a focus group. Planning: My goals were to build and maintain relationships within Shaws the Drapers Co.

Ltd employee base. I also wanted to increase employee engagement and increase participation and awareness of Shaws Drapers Co. Ltd's commitment to sustainability. My objectives were to register at least 100 employees on the campaign platform, increase the number of recycled materials by 10 percent and have Shaws the Drapers be the number one contributor to the website. My strategies consisted of using company newsletters to introduce the campaign to employees, creating professional relationships between the campaign process and other Shaws the Drapers Co.

Ltd employees, expanding promotion of My campaign Advantage through in-house advertising and back of house collateral material, an all-day launch party and maintaining continuous communication with staff about sustainability. My tactics included building an internal small ambassador group and focusing on the eye-catching back of house material (Hult et al. , 2013; wood 2013; Macarthur 2013; Flanagan, 2012). Implementation: Campaign implementation consisted of creating dialogue among employees. Constant communication about the company’ s commitment to sustainability was key to encouraging employees to sign up for the platform (Hult et al. , 2013; wood 2013; Macarthur 2013; Flanagan, 2012). Evaluation: My campaign Advantage was launched.

92 employees signed up for the site and contributed over 97,000 points to the Shaws the Drapers Co. Ltd total. Post campaign survey revealed the human resources department register the most users. 34% of human resources employees registered on the website. To date, Shaws the Drapers Co. Ltd is in the fifth place overall as a contributor to my campaign. Considering Shaws the Drapers Co. Ltd employee base is far better than many other wool industries employees (Kileen, 2010; Lamb, 2010; Pride & Ferrell, 2010; Abrams, 2010; Atlantic, 2010; Meyer, 2010). About Program I Planned Shaws, the Drapers Co.

Ltd, needed to develop and build a community of users for its Instagram social media platform. The platform was recently created this year to follow through on the corporate strategic sustainability plan. This is an internal communication plan because the target audience is all Shaws the Drapers Co. Ltd employees. This was an action-oriented and educational campaign. The action is required from people to register for the site and use it frequently by keeping track of completing specified actions known as "Like" Actions.

The educational portion involved increasing the overall awareness of how Shaws the Drapers offer their services. The key to a successful launch was motivating employees to adopt the platform (Kileen, 2010; Lamb, 2010; Pride & Ferrell, 2010; Abrams, 2010; Atlantic, 2010; Meyer, 2010).


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