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The paper 'Coca Cola Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla by Interbrand Advertisement Agency" is a good example of a marketing case study. The present report was requested by Coca Cola Company USA, for one of the flavours of Diet Coke by Jim Schendiler, in December 2011. Its purpose is to give ideas for a new advertisement campaign for the new Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla. Limitations Due to the limited time given to the elaboration of the present report, some of the budgetary requirements were only roughly researched. Other options could have been included if we have had more time. Scope The present report includes a brief summary of the product Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla, its background and the objectives of the marketing campaign.

It also has an analysis of the designed advertisements chosen for the campaign, including analysis of the target audience, the central idea, the types of media and budgetary requirements & time schedule for it. Some recommendations are also given at the end. Methods Widespread research was made through the coca-cola company USA website to gather as much information as possible about the product background.

Looking at the new merits of the product, we thought of a way to differ this Diet Coke from other flavours to create the desire of tasting it on the target audience. A local billboard advertisement company and bag printing company were consulted so we could have the real figures for our chosen media. The market price of a billboard and printed bags were part of the research. Agency Interbrand advertisement agency that started its operation in 1974. It’ s the world’ s foremost and creative branding agency for reaching modern consumers, with experts in brand strategy, advertising, digital branding management design and valuation services.

It is located in different areas in the USA and its headquarter is in New York. It has more than 35 offices. It serves various industries, such as automotive, consumer products, energy, utilities, financial services, food and beverages, government, healthcare and sciences, hospitality, travel and leisure, media and publishing, non-profit and organizations, professional services, retail, sports and entertainment, and telecommunications.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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