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The paper “ Can E-Business Adoption Be Influenced by Knowledge Management? ” is an impressive example of an e-commerce research paper. E-business is a tool for business competitiveness; supply chain efficiency is enhanced by information sharing effective knowledge management; information sharing is best facilitated through IT-based collaboration tools; implementation of e-business technology is easier with appropriate knowledge management; knowledge management determine small and medium enterprises adoption of e-business supply chain technology; knowledge acquisition and application is more important in terms of SMEs adoption of e-business supply chain technology; reluctance and perceived risks associated with information sharing makes knowledge dissemination less significant. 1 Introduction1.1 Explanation of the Task of Reviewing a Research PaperThe assignment requires three different tasks and these include selecting the paper for review, analyze the paper selected and posting the abstract of the completed review to a forum.

For this reason, this author went online and looked for an article related to KM research and practices that was published in the last two years. The article of Yee-Loong et al (2013) was selected and reviewed as it is a recent research paper dealing with both organizational and societal context.

The guidelines for writing an analysis were followed accordingly including questions that must address to better understand the content of the selected research paper. The next section contains a summary of the research paper review. 1.2 Brief Summary of the Research paperThe purpose of the article authored by Yee-Loong et al. (2013) is to evaluate the impact of knowledge management in the supply chain of Malaysian SMEs that previously adopted e-business. The article explains the benefits of information technology and the Internet in terms of business operations, competitive advantage, and knowledge management.

In particular, the paper emphasizes the need for adopting information-sharing tools such as e-business supply chain technology providing better integration and linkages between supply chain partners, and issues in e-business implementation in developing countries such as Malaysia.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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