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LONGEVITY Humans have a right to live as long as they can because everybody has a purpose for living and arole to play in their lives. Therefore, humans should be provided for with social security and this is the reason Governments should modernize the taxation system so that they are able to collect money for future use. For example, the retirement money that is set aside then delivered to the households when required. In addition, humans should be provided with improved health care as well as extended education.

There is no right to die at an individual’s own terms because all persons were created for a reason and no one has a right to dictate when to die as no one dictates when to be born. Individuals need to undergo a self –realization process where they find out why they live in this world. People should use their time well to improve their living standards as well as accomplish their goals. As self-realization requires good health and extensive exercise, people should begin eating healthy foods and doing exercises to keep their bodies fit.

Individuals should enroll in schools to better their education and increase their knowledge. In addition, governments and private sectors should come up with policies that enhance development of institutions that offer adult education so that people can use their leisure time to understand better the world and themselves. There should never be a social responsibility to die. This is because it is wrong and I believe there is no society that advocates for death. Death is cruel and no one is happy when their family member or loved one dies.

Moreover, I would never plan for my death even if the costs of living increased drastically. This is because I believe in myself and have personal values that guide me when faced with problems. Instead, I would work extra hard to ensure I meet the living standards as well as my goals in life. The pros of human longevity include the enhancement of health to ensure a high performing life span as well as have people live longer. In addition, there increased amounts of leisure time.

On the other hand, the cons of human longevity include the need and competition of the scarce resources that make people fight. Moreover, there is the risk of having medical conditions, which might turn to be stressful and expensive to cure. Additionally, there is unequal distribution of resources among members of the community. My Christian faith does not allow me to commit murder and advocates for people to be hardworking. Consequently, the same faith has taught me to help the poor and by this, it is essential to distribute resources equally among members in a community.

Individuals can pay for human longevity by working hard and ensure that they invest for their future. It is important to plan on retirement so that when the time comes for retiring one is independent. Finally, people need to share spiritual resources among men and women as well as the rich and the poor. Works Cited Fogel, Robert William. Long Life in the Modern World: Changes in the Process of Ageing. Egham: Royal Holloway, U of London, 2000. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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