Essays on Hypothesis Formulated by Ulrich and Smallwoods Capitalizing on Capabilities Assignment

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The paper "Hypothesis Formulated by Ulrich and Smallwood’ s Capitalizing on Capabilities" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. The problem discussed in the research paper is that of organizational capabilities. The research article attempts at explaining what organizational capabilities are and how organizational leaders can evaluate and build the capabilities they need in their bid to create intangible value for the organization. In this regard, the authors hypothesize that organizations need to develop organizational capabilities in a bid to overcome the competition they face today and in future.

They see the capabilities as the collective skills, abilities and expertise of an organization. In this regard, the authors view organizational capabilities as representing the identity of a particular firm as viewed both internally by internal stakeholders such as the employees and externally for instance by customers and investors. To them, organizational capability represents the firm’ s ability to perform better than its competitors through the use of distinctive yet difficult to replicate a set of business attributes. In addition, organizational capabilities result from the company combining and delivering on an individual’ s competence and abilities to enable it to turn its technical know-how into results.

The authors have hypothesized 11 capabilities that organizations should seek to have rest it will be faced by dysfunction and competitive disadvantage. These include talent, Speed, shared mindset or brand identity, accountability, collaboration, learning, leadership, Customer connectivity, strategic unity, innovation and efficiency. The research paper has thus suggested that organization try to maximize on at least three of the above capabilities in a bid to remain competitive. They show the importance of organizations carrying out capabilities audit in a bid to better themselves while suggesting how this should be done. The need for the study in the article This study is of great importance to the university program and has great applicability to the United Arab Emirates /GCC environment.

On completion of the university program, one is expected to either become a business person or operate an organization that is business-oriented. The business environment of the day has become more and more competitive and any business organization that does not realize where it can compete better is not likely to succeed in the business environment.

On the other hand, the GCC also has its economic arm which is all about business. As such, the GCC also has to know what its capabilities are so that we can be better placed to trade within the GCC as well as with other economic blocks. In this regard, the importance of the study to the program and to the GCC is that it brings out the importance of ensuring that organizations develop their capabilities and continually carry out capabilities audit in a bid to offer better services hence becoming more competitive now and in the future. The methodology used in the study The main methodology used in the study is a case study.

In this regard, the research article has analyzed how two companies carried out their capabilities audit. The first company is Boston scientific a medical services manufacturer. The company uses a survey in conducting its capabilities audit on its international division. The survey makes use of 20 questions with spaces for comments. The audit results in data that is analyzed in a scale-out of 5 in a bid to see how well or bad the company performs in its core capabilities.

A similar study has been carried on Intercontinental hotels. Both of these audits result in management taking steps that lead to improved organizational performance as a result of strengthening the individual organization’ s core competences.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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