Essays on Capper Engineering Limited - Human Resource Management Case Study

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The paper 'Capper Engineering Limited - Human Resource Management " is a good example of a management case study.   Performance Management System: It is very difficult to formulate and set up an effective performance management system and placing it before managers making it work for the employees immediately. There has to be a lot of planning and design effort spent on it. Basically, it should extend to employees’ four fundamental benefits namely, (1) Clear understanding of job expectations, (2) Regular performance feedback, (3) Steps and advice required for performance improvement, (4) Recognition and acknowledgment of good performance.

Overall the goal of a good performance management system is to bolster the employee performance levels leading to increased business productivity. It is however critical for a performance management system to be effective to inherently constitute some critical elements which are as described below. Up-to-date job descriptions should make a clear mention of job functions, required skills, expected employee relationships with peers and customers, performance expectations, deadlines and goals to be met, etc and must be regularly kept updated according to changing scenarios in the organization such as following a downsizing effort or a merger when there is a radical shift in employee responsibilities and workloads.

Next are Performance Measures and Standards. There has to be a clear cut performance standard as to what is average performance, above average and below-average performances. One has to weigh the best case and worst-case scenarios before arriving at an optimal performance standard. Also, the assessment of performance has to be both objective and subjective since though it is possible to quantitatively measure performances like employee productivity in terms of the number of products assembled or customer accounts brought in, it is rather difficult to similarly assess customer service skills or attitudes and coping skills of employees.

Also, the evaluator has to avoid potential bias creeping into the assessment of behavioral aspects being excellent or unacceptable.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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