Essays on Key Issues Facing the Company AcQuire Case Study

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The paper "Key Issues Facing the Company AcQuire" is a perfect example of a business case study.   AcQuire is faced with precarious conditions due to its global presence and vulnerability to revenue losses and loss of staff in the event of a global financial crisis. The key issues facing the company include susceptibility to revenue loss and loss of staff. The two issues were caused by the 2008 global financial crisis. Consequently, the company remains in a fragile position because of its weak job creation strategies. The company had also failed to rebalance its globalization strategies resulting in revenue loss during the financial crisis.

The company is in a vulnerable position since it relies heavily on uniform products. AcQuire’ s key decision criteria should be based on the principle that financial limits should be set on investment decisions through differentiating between severe and nonfatal risks. Several options exist. These include selling into the emerging markets, adding new product options, or opening up newer operations. The business may also consider strategic pricing to increase sales output and creating a compensation system to offer incentives to sales staff. Based on risk analysis of the various options, three alternatives are selected for the company, namely increasing product mix: establish a new sales regime, expanding in emerging markets and diversify the product line. The report concludes the company should train its staff to be geographically-focused.

Further, having multi-product software solutions will ensure that the company has a diverse range of products that appeal to more global customers. Therefore, cross-selling performance should be increased to gain a maximum share of the mining industry. By improving sales processes such as using the online sale of products, online advertisements and training the existing sales force, sales and marketing efficiencies can be ensured cost-effectively.

The company should also use local distributors in its new frontiers as it is cost-effective. New value-added mining software should also be introduced.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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