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THE REPORTTitle of the topic areaThis paper is about the need of changing behaviour of the divers in Dubai, to lessen accidents. AbstractIn this is paper, I am going to deal with the various reasons that leads to accidents on the road by the drivers of Dubai. It has been found that the government has been very cautious about all these accidents but there is no major change in the behaviour of the drivers. As the result the accidents are increasing. However there are many drivers who believe that a change in their attitude can stop all these accidents.

In this paper the matter of concern is that change in the behaviour of these drivers of Dubai. IntroductionIn United Arab Emirates (UAE), driving is a matter of big concern. It is a very important section related to the working of social life, entertainment, educational and economic of the country. In this matter, the concern regarding the way is more specific. This paper is going to deal with the fact is that are related to most of the accidents in the way.

Dubai is very prone to road accidents and that leads to lots of dates and injuries on the road (Ansari S, 2000). HypothesesThe following hypotheses will be used when carrying out research in relation to the behaviour of the drivers of Dubai – The causes of the accidents Report of the RTAInitiation of the Government Need to change the behaviour Tips to change the BehaviourMethodologyAmong various data collection methodologies that are used in collecting of information during research I am specifically concentrating on the aspect of personal investigations. My idea is to collect maximum information in order to get the actual picture.

I am also trying to get the best out of all the average comments. I will be following both the qualitative and the quantitative methodologies. Quantitative methodologies are to collect the data in figures in relation to the fatal accidents. This includes interviews among others. As for the application of qualitative methodologies, I am collecting all the quality information in relation to the mishaps that cause on the roads of Dubai. I have done some surveys and met some people for the same. Methods to be usedI am going for different methods of data collection in my research.

These methods are inclusive of interviews, questionnaires, observations, and relevant records related to various types of behaviour related to the drivers of Dubai that led to many accidents. InterviewsIn this step I will present some statistics that I found in an interview. This interview spoke about the number of car accidents in the year 2007 which I read about Mr. AlZaabi. He is a police man. He said that the numbers of road car accidents last year are lower then before comparing with the year 2006.

He mentioned that two hundred twenty nine people died in car accident last year from different nationals. Ms. Alzaabi said that the numbers of car accidents in this year become lower and it’s about six thousand and eighty hundred accidents. In this year 2006 were eight thousand are four hundred accidents and it’s big different between the two year’s.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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