Essays on Career Counseling, Trends in the Labor Market Coursework

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The paper "Career Counseling, Trends in the Labor Market " is a great example of management coursework.   Losing a job in today's world is not a miracle; it is the normal operations of our organizations today which will need to restructure themselves or cut jobs in order to become finically comfortable in society. Most companies are experiencing budget cuts in that many of their departments are facing budget decisions that result in staff reductions, layoffs, retrenchment, and early retirement. While it is prudent that organizations explore alternatives to layoffs, in some economic and financial crises, it is very difficult to escape this reality.

Laying off more than 380 employees either involuntary or induced terms is a decision that has taken into consideration the needs of the whole players in the company including the stakeholders, employees, owners, the aviation industry mangers, and other groups such as labor unions. This paper will, therefore, explore a globally recommended program that is a suitable action plan the company can take after it has decided to layoff middle managers and seek voluntary early retirement from somewhat older employees.

The program will that will be adopted in this paper will emphasize the need to train and educate such kind of employees not only for them to come back and work for the organization after the training but also to seek greener pastures elsewhere. Career counseling, therefore, provides some kind of relief for the affected people in terms of psychological, professional, social and financial guidance for all those affected. There is usually a hypothesis that considers that many people believe that there are similar career aspirations among people in a company but this is not true at least with reference to career counseling.

There are varied cultural traditions, socio-economic conditions, and other factors that contribute to different individual career plans where preferences rule. The main aim for career counseling with regard to professional development after layoff includes; boosting the self-esteem of the people affected, informing people on how they can champion their rights when they are retrenched in the organization either in terms of social security or insurance packages. (Shaw and Shaw, 2006)


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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