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28 July 2009Career DevelopmentBritish Sugar is the leading supplier of sugars to the United Kingdom providing for more than half of the country’s sugar requirements. The company is highly customer focused, innovative and solutions driven. The products of British Sugar are represented in the leading brands of international food and drink manufacturers. They maintain the market lead by anticipating customer needs and adapting their service standards to meet those customer needs. Their operations include production of a host of goods and services ranging from production of sugar, bioethanol, electricity to horticulture, landscaping and soil improvement.

While sugar production remains at the core of their operations, process steps have been supplemented to capture raw material outputs and convert them into wide range of sustainable products. British Sugar is a key player in an array of market sectors. They supply a variety of products and services to meet the diverse needs of the food and pharmaceutical industry, namely, cereals, confectionary, drinks, ice-cream and other dairy products, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, plant and high street bakeries, preservatives, condiments, sauces and canned goods.

Additionally the processing of seven and a half million tones of sugar beat also results in a series of products for other markets namely, agriculture, landscaping and amenities, soil improvement and tomatoes (British Sugar). With a fast expanding global market in sustainable agricultural products, British Sugar offers diverse and exciting business opportunities, especially to young graduates who are looking to start their careers. The real key to their success according to them is their people. They rely heavily on a wide range of professionals from engineers to agriculturalists. The workforce and teams in British Sugar have been built upon values such as respect, being safe, pride, customer service, focus and a passion to excel.

In concurrence with this, British Sugar looks for employees who display enthusiastic, flexible and highly motivated work ethics. British Sugar offers a wide variety of graduate schemes ranging from operation, science and agriculture to business, finance and IT. While only the last three, that is business, finance and IT will apply to my skill set, there is one common streak running across all of the graduate schemes in British Sugar.

All of the above mentioned six graduate programs are highly challenging as the industry is changing at a rapid pace with new products, new processes and new markets and needs continuous innovation. While getting placed in a factory environment is intense, getting placed outside it in the corporate office is considered just as stimulating. The main criteria or qualification that the graduate programs of British Sugar looks for in students getting employment is the ability to lead the business sooner than later and the ability to put in effort and application into the work from day one (British Sugar Grads).

As stated previously three graduate schemes, namely Business, Finance and IT will apply and relate to my skill set. My basic skills include crisis management, risk analysis, business continuity, marketing, civil protection strategy and business strategy. These are some of the skills that these graduate programs look for in an individual applying for work in British Sugar. Apart from these each of the three programs look for certain attributes in potential employees and gives an insight into what each employee will be doing under that program and what benefits he or she will be gaining from participating and succeeding in that program.

These programs also give an insight into the kind of training and development essential for each program.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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