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The paper 'Employees Training Program - InterClean-Enviro Tech " is a perfect example of a business case study.   The integration of InterClean and Enviro Tech to form InterClean-Enviro Tech gives the organization an opportunity to come up with the products and service that are beyond comparison in the industry. InterClean merged with Enviro-Tech moving into a solution-based organization and obtaining a competitive edge in the sanitation and cleaning organization to develop and obtain a continuous success through customer satisfaction and creativity. Management wants the new team to be a talented team which possesses outstanding customer fulfilment rate including the sales aggressiveness and effectiveness.

Management will recognize appropriately the requirements of the team responsible for sales so as to congregate the necessities of the firm. InterClean should develop a complete mentoring and training program which will bring about better products and services to the team of sales and that will introduce the new products and services to the sales team and thus obtain something new concerning the already existing goods. Mentoring and training is a requirement to make certain that the team or division will succeed and work in a cohesive nature as would be expected with any team. The following will document the training and mentoring program submitted for use in the creation of the new solution-based sales team at InterClean.

Looking at what training and mentoring are will provide an adequate basis for development and help define and clarify the strategy. The courses will evaluate the mission of the organization, set up new products, classify remuneration to customers, cover up how to devise a positive relationship between clients and evaluate the compliance standards by the government.

This training will entail multimedia and oral peer reviews done by well-trained advisers, presentations and interactive seminars which may be needed. The training includes job training, general and non-job-related, compliance and regulatory, customer service, communications, leadership, computer software, and contract-related training. The organization’ s goal is to make the team of sales to deal with the client requests effectively and efficiently. During the initial week, the committee will evaluate the liabilities of the salespersons, the committee’ s expectations and introduce the path of development for every person in the sales department.

The members of the team will engage themselves in exercises for development, discussions which are informal and set to resolve the issues of the team members, a classroom study that is the formal and individual development of the team members. Training means going through workshop training on products and services and how the product and services can be integrated. Also, workshop training consists of how to put together cleaning solutions that are aimed at meeting the needs of the customers, industry movements in consultancy and cleaning, regional and state updates of the market, fresh development of the services, presentation and packaging a cleaning system, the way to sell client groups that are high end, etiquette and protocol in sales solutions, plans for selling products in relation to solutions, lead generation and tracking performance issues regarding the consultancy. In the second week, the team will use a substantial time frame handling general issues related to management, stress-related problems and their reduction, medications, nutrition and tax accounting for those in line with the profession.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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