Essays on The New Training and Mentoring Needs Coursework

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The paper "The New Training and Mentoring Needs" is a good example of management coursework.   Training and mentoring needs for the selected team will be based on two approaches. First will be asking the members what they think they need. The second approach will involve identifying needs through more formal feedback mechanisms such as focus groups, surveys, and structured conversations. Specifically, key training and mentoring needs that require focus, in this case, include leadership skills, career advancement options, technical skills, knowledge of how to achieve a win-win mentoring relationship as well as the need for the individuals to become better organizational contributors.

Objectives of the training and mentoring program The aim of the training and mentoring program will be to retain the skills of the employees from the two merging organizations and enhance and develop them. This is because it is not easy to recruit and retain fully trained staff for the challenges at hand. The training and mentoring program will also seek to utilize the skills already possessed by the selected team and develop the team members so that they have a more flexible approach to their various tasks.

Importantly, the selected team members need different types of training and this should be a key point to be considered in the training and mentoring program. Since the selected members are from different cultural backgrounds, the training and mentoring program should focus on ensuring that a multicultural workforce is created. Thus, the training and mentoring program will focus on ensuring that the members develop adequate skills to work in multicultural settings while embracing the opportunities that come with such conditions. They also need to be in a position to handle challenges that may arise amicably.

This will enable the organization to be in a position to serve clients from different backgrounds without encountering unwarranted culture shocks. Performance standards As the selected team members were taken for their capabilities in sales, performance standards to be set will follow what the new organization needs to do to capture more customers while also maintaining those previously served by the two companies as separate entities. Team and individual performance standards and measures will be set to measure the level of performance that will be achieved.

This will be followed by mapping the standards and measures to relevant individual and team level activities that will contribute to the overall achievement of the team. Terminology will be clearly defined depending on each individual’ s level of performance to achieve new targets. This will also involve reviewing the set criteria with team members to assure both knowledge and understanding. Inputs from the management and team members will be used to develop the relative importance weights for the set performance standards. Based on this, a decision will be made on how to collect data regarding the various team members’ performance and to track the performance for each standard and then feeding this information back to the team.

These assessments are important as they determine the actions to be taken for improvement. Depending on what is gathered from the evaluations, the organization will recognize different team members’ performance and reward them accordingly as a strategy to motivate team members and increase their performance.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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