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The paper "Job Descriptions and Qualifications for the New Positions" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   The current organization structure at Kudler (in all three branches) includes the following positions in the midlevel category: two assistants in the produce and foodstuffs department, one assistant in the spirits, cheeses and wines department, five assistants in the butchers and seafood specialists department, and six assistants in the bakery and pastries section. While currently efficient, this structure is lacking in some areas such as clerical work, administration, operation of stores, handling of computer operations, and retail.

In order to support and enhance the operations at various levels, the following new positions need to be created and filled, Administrative Assistant— HR, Assistant Store Manager, Clerk, Computer Support Specialist and Retail Assistant (variety of departments). I. Job description and qualifications for the new positions 1. Administrative Assistant— HR The person is expected to provide administrative support to the HR manager. He/she will give information to callers and assist in the recruitment process. Principal duties Processing employment applications and assisting in other recruitment activities. Reading and routing incoming mail. Composing and typing routine correspondence Organizing and maintaining the file system. Greeting scheduled visitors and responding to their needs Conducting research, compiling and typing of statistical reports Helping in making and maintaining supplies and arranging for equipment maintenance Requisite qualifications and experience Should be a high school graduate with general office skills.

Must be knowledgeable in using MS Word and Excel applications as well as other PC-based applications. Good interpersonal and organizational skills are also required. 2. Assistant Store Manager The person will supervise and coordinate activities of workers in the department of food store and assist the store manager in the daily management of the store. Key duties Assigning duties to workers and scheduling break periods Facilitating workers in store policies, departmental procedures and job duties Ordering merchandise, supplies and equipment Keeping records of merchandise and inspecting delivery processes Inspecting merchandise to ensure that it is correctly priced and displayed Preparing sales and inventory reports. Requisite qualifications and experience Retail experience – knowledge of working in various departments of a store.

Must be knowledgeable about products and their use and be able to respond to customers about the same. 3. Clerk The person will be in charge of inventorying and managing merchandise display in-store. Key Duties Talking inventory and examining merchandise to identify the items to be reordered or restocked Receiving, opening, and unpacking crates or cartons of merchandise, and checking invoice against items received Requisite qualifications and experience Ability to accurately read invoice and packing slips 4.

Computer Support Specialist The person will be in charge of installing, modifying and making minor repairs to PC hardware and software systems, and providing technical assistance and training to other staff. Key duties Installing or assisting in the installation of PC hardware such as keyboards, cash register, monitors, and printers on users’ desks. Loading required software programs such as OS, word processors and spreadsheets onto computers. Ensuring the functionality of the PC systems. Responding to client inquiries about operation and diagnoses of hardware and software. Replacing defective components such as keyboards. Reporting major PC or network problems to service personnel for repair.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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