Essays on Career Management and Corporate Strategic Management Report

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The paper "Career Management and Corporate Strategic Management" is a great example of a report on management. Career management is the process by which the individuals develop insight into themselves and the environment formulate career goalsAnd strategies acquire feedbacks regarding career progress a career management practice is a set of activities designed to promote employee’ s insight, goal and strategy development, and or appropriate feedback. Topics covered for a good career: i)Anger Managementii)Analyze your self: iii). Mission and long term goals reviewed/determinedv)Incentive Motivation. iv)The principle of SMART is to be applied: vi)Values (Identification of work values. )vii)Perceptions of others: A.Your environmentHome atmosphere Family, Parenting styleB. Secondary groupsThe economy (business cycles Political Factors: Legislation: C)Regulation of employment practices: How to criticize – and not to be hated for it. D)IdeologyE)Implementing the decision: The best methodology is practice what you preachF)Sources of job leadsJ)Organizational policies: Bibliography: Career management practices comprise of 1) AnticipatoryPage2 of 16socialization programmers 2) Realistic recruitment 3) Employee orientation programmers 4) Mentoring programmers 5) Performance feedback and coaching programs. 6) comprehensive management programmers. An illustrative appraisal form in a customer service organization: Swot analysis: personal appraisal forms: Self-assessmentsWhat is your assessment of your overall performance with specific reference toAchievements of objectives and performance in Key result areas: Major achievement/creative contribution during the year /areas of significant quality improvement; 2; list objectives (if any) that were not met during the performance review period.

And your reasons for the same: To what extent has u been able to develop your subordinates to take on higher responsibilities/to what extent u have been able to develop and contribute to harmonious and productive interactions with your colleagues? Indicate the facilitating and constraints factors that influenced your performance? Business. Environmental, Organizational, Personal: Some business practices could be the competition, it could be the pricing of the product.

As far as the environmental barriers are concern it could be the extreme climatic condition, Excess heat, Excess cold, Unpredictable Rain as in London.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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