Essays on Career Goals - the Position of a Financial Manager Case Study

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The paper 'Career Goals - the Position of a Financial Manager " is a good example of a business case study.   A career management plan can be defined as a plan set up to assist in a positive direction and which helps the planer to become successful in career building. The undermentioned action plan entails set goals, assessment of those goals and devised strategies to reach those goals. It shows a long-life practice of investing resources to achieve my career objectives. Career management can not be a one-moment event but a continuous process which is a requisite for adapting to the dynamic demands of the modern economy.

Whether in the initial stages of our career life or in the workforce as a veteran in any field, we must plan towards career objectives. A career objective is how an individual face it and career management uses concepts that are similar to those of good financial management. As a purposeful rule of thumb up to hold is that any disciplined investment that is made on a regular basis has profuse return. However, tactics vary and career management in most cases focus on two major investment assets throughout ones working years; our personal continuous learning and our association of relationships. CAREER ACTION PLAN Step Goal Action Start Duration Completion 1 Completion of my undergraduate.

And enrollment for an MBA course in management Specializing in a Masters degree in Business Management will be very helpful in creating quality openings in the job market. I intend to specialize in management because it will assist in my endeavor in becoming a manager in five years from now. January 2013 One year of classwork and another whole year of field research. September 2014 2 To increase my skills in information technology In the economic world today almost every sector of the economy uses information and Technology as the key to improvement.

Enrolling in a part-time course in IT will be essential in fulfilling this objective September 2012 Five months February 2013 3 Internship An internship at this point in my career will give me hand on experience. January 2014 Six months June 2014 4 Search for a permanent opening This is to lay a foundation on the career path I want to follow as I seek to promote. July 2014 permanent N/A 5 Lean on how to approach an interview I find this to be a critical move to my career goal.

Learning how to answer amplitude tests and how to face an interview panel when seeking for a job in a high profile institution that seeks to employ only the best. Jan 2013     6 Enrol in ACCA class I am sure a course in ACCA will give an upper hand when searching for a job. The course will widen my scope and increase my chances of getting good employment. September 2014 1 ½ year March 2016 7 Engage in community development programs Engage in charitable work and assist the community in a leadership-oriented situation to enhance my leadership skills. September 2015 Half-year March 2016 8 Research on a financial market and stock exchange market. The financial market has been the line of my career for long and in it my ambition to master the art of managing a brokerage company five years from now. March 2016 One year March 2017 9 Consult well-informed persons in the managerial positions search for a position in the stock market sector Get ample knowledge of stock management. March 2015 Half-year September 2015 10 Attend interviews Be prepared for any opening that may arise in the financial sector.

More precisely in the stock market.       PART TWO Five years from now I look forward to holding the position of a Financial Manager in a well established financial institution or to be in the management of a stock broker’ s firm. Short term career goals They are precise and partial to scope these goals are easily formulated and relate to long-term objectives.

At this point taking control of one’ s personal development is essential to my development in order to maintain my employability. Developing a director has resulted in efforts to manage a borderless career. In order to gain much-required effort, my employment strategy must be unlimited to boundaries of a single institution and style of work.

The everyday work has been based around technology since computers among other scientific advancements that have radically altered the mode of work. It is good to acknowledge that there are more inventions happening today than ever before and every person ambitious to develop a career must have the scope of every single event happening in the globe today. Immediate goals The immediate career goal as aforementioned is to lead in a reputable financial firm as a manager. Career management is about taking control of your career to proactively ensure that my career is meeting both your professional and personal objectives.

  I intend to build effective career management is built on firm foundations, so it is essential to have a clear understanding of my "career capital" i. e. your skills, experiences and potential.   Exploring your career options and bench-marking your skills in the job market will help devise a clear, focused and realistic career plan. Developing an attractive sales pitch to prospective employers and learning how to create opportunities are the means by which the career plan will be implemented.

Career management isn't a single intervention but an ongoing strategy. However, there are times in your career when it will require more input, especially if you are looking for a job move or promotion.   In the long-term, these entail long-range goals and objectives which can be easily modified without a great loss of career efforts since one has unquestionable experience and knowledge at this point in a career. It extends for up to 20 years.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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