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Career Portfolio ofXyz, at AtaaaaContact phonee-mailIndex & ParticularsPersonal Career PlanningPage 3 Contains details of myObjective statement, Personal background and why I will succeedCompany HistoryPage 4 - 5Contains details of my understanding of The Company and reasons for choosing the companyInterview preparationPage 6 - 7My anticipations and answers to detailsThat may be expected from me. ResumePage 8 - 9My detailed resume. Employment Portfolio page 9My work experience and showcase ofPrevious experience and suitabilityPersonal Career PlanningMy Objectives: My objective is to begin at the sales department of a company and then after the training achieve the maximum targeted sale.

My current objective is to do summer work at the retail outlets and stores to get a first hand feel of the marketing job. To this I will add my own efforts in such manner that in the next 6 years I will work my way to an MBA Degree in sale and international marketing. However the company I target Cocoa Cola, has stopped employing minors. I will start by trying at a retail store. When I become qualified and competent in the next five years I shall seek a permanent post in the international division of a company of my choice.

I will take up challenging responsibilities in the marketing department. I intend to reach the apex of the department in my career, or become regarded as capable for the post in the Industry. My objectives are specific because I have set my long term goals on the company of my choice. I am specific on my career roles and aim at reaching the apex in the chart in course of my career. My success can be measured against the work performance.

No doubt for a young person the ambition is challenging and daunting because I have three more steps, Learning, modeling and getting qualified with a degree in a six year period, which is time specific. Personal background: I have interpersonal skills in communicating and am an extrovert. I like travel, meeting new people and making friends. I also like to exchange views and actively promote clubs in which I am a member and also like to discuss products and consumables and the opinions of my friends.

I succeed in convincing my acquaintances and suggest better bargains. I am therefore convinced that I can make a career in Marketing and Sales. I also will take up a bachelor and masters program in the area to qualify further. Company HistoryI wish to work for the Cocoa Cola company in the International marketing division and work my way to the top. I like the company because they have genuinely diversified and become a company that offers equal rights and prospects. Further they are into charity and social development. Cocoa Cola is a representative product of the U. S.

and is an ambassador of love. Furthering Coke is like furthering the whole U. S. If I am successful in marketing and proving my mettle at the organization that faces tough competition from international giants like Pepsi, I will become tough and a better executive. The lessons I learn may come handy when I wish to begin an enterprise on my own. I will be able to learn about consumer marketing, retail marketing and direct marketing with this company than any other.

It will also give me an international exposure.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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