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The paper "Job Experience Scenario " is a good example of a management essay. During my first day at work as a payroll accountant, I was given the psychological contract form to take home and review for a period of four days before signing them and eventually bringing them back to the organization’ s Human Resource office. The human resource manager who gave these papers specifically emphasized that I should take time to review the forms conclusively before committing myself by signing them. These psychological contracts were quite sensitive in my line of work.

It took me four days to go through them before eventually signing and returning them to the Human Resource office as earlier instructed. From the psychological contract, it was apparent that after six months of working I could be considered for a promotion in the organization. Six months down the line I dedicated myself to working diligently and extremely hard drawing my motivation from the promise made in the psychology contract on getting a promotion after successfully working for six months. In this case, I ensured that I carried out my allocated tasks perfectly and also ensured that these tasks were completed on time.

On the other hand, I was keen on the company’ s code of ethics and the ground rules in the company which I was extremely keen to follow. After six months there was a performance appraisal carried out in the workplace thus the performance of all the employees in the organization was being reviewed. The performance appraisal activity would then determine the employees who were qualified for a promotion. I was one of the employees reviewed in the performance review process and having worked diligently I was shortlisted for a job promotion.

However, when the promotion process began I fell short and never got the promised promotion. I was dumbfounded considering the organization had promised to give me a promotion at the end of a six-month period. On the other hand, I had also worked hard and positioned myself for the promotion by striving to achieve utmost success in the tasks that I was carrying out and working hard to ensure that my output met the required standards.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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