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The paper 'Company and Leadership Profile' is a wonderful example of a Management Assignment. After, I finish the studies I aspire to work in a competitive banking environment to grow my skills and competencies. Previously, I worked in a bank in Saudi Arabia where I was able to grow my skills and knowledge regarding various competitive banking processes. I have the ambition of working at HSBC in the future to grow my skills and talents in banking. Since it is one of the largest banks in the world, it offers a lot of career advancement opportunities that are beneficial to my career advancement in the future (Carter, Cook & Dorsey 2011).

The company’ s mission and goals advance the concept of multiculturalism which is captured in its excellence practices of rewarding workers who attain good performance. Since it has branches in many countries across the world, the firm is able to use its experiences in multiple industries to improve the quality of its operations to ensure they achieve a higher standard of excellence. The leadership style used in the firm encourages employees to participate fully to bring about positive changes in the manner in the manner in which the organization is run.

Moreover, different geographical subsidiaries of the company take note of cultural practices observed in particular areas that are included in their core policies (Carter, Cook & Dorsey 2011). This shows that the firm’ s organizational culture is open and encourages stakeholders from different backgrounds to share ideas to improve the manner in which it performs its responsibilities in the industry. As a result, the firm has a modern outlook on industrial excellence because it includes all its stakeholders in relevant efforts that are meant to boost its performance in different industries it operates.

This is a key aspect of organizational culture that helps the company to tap into its own resources to strengthen its brand value and image in the industry. HSBC’ s physical work environment allows workers to engage with both customers and their superiors to come up with appropriate solutions to different problems the firm is facing in its operations. This approach has strengthened to the concept of continuous learning and development in the firm to increase the value of its services (Venzin 2009).

Therefore, the firm has identified the importance of giving its workers opportunities to grow their own professional capabilities to make them well prepared to deal with different challenges they are likely to be exposed to. This aspect of the firm’ s operations attracts me to it and has encouraged me to work harder to measure up to the high standards which are observed in the firm. I have a passion for personal and career success and I am confident that the positive environment in the firm will make it possible for me to actualize my dreams. HSBC’ s head office in Saudi Arabia is located in a positive location in the city center which can be easily accessed by both personal and public transport.

This is an attractive factor for me because I will be able to use less time commuting between my house and place of work. As a result, I will be able to save time wasted during commuting to focus all my energies towards positive achievements at the workplace (Venzin 2009).

I intend to work harder to be considered for any position that is related to my skills and competencies to grow my career. Staffing practices in the firm are not discriminatory and they give consideration to employees and potential employees who demonstrate that they have the right skills needed to perform various tasks. As a result, this shows that the company’ s recruitment standards only consider the best applicants to help it strengthen its position in the industry.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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