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The paper "My Future Career" is a great example of a management essay.   My journey so far has been pleasant and quite impressive despite the various challenges that I have encountered on the way while growing up in Vietnam. I did my junior school in Vietnam and the environment provided contributed greatly to my progress. During this tender age, I really wanted to grow up and be a doctor; especially given that, one of my uncles was a doctor and he spent most of his life-saving patient’ s lives. I admired him so much and this encourages me to work even harder to reach the same level as him.

Mom and Dad were equally supportive during this time and they encouraged me to work hard and kept reminding me that I was the best and capable of becoming a doctor. Similarly, the school environment piled up more pressure that compelled me to work even much harder in my academics. The school subjected us to very tough rules, which included four hours in school each day, and we attended school for six days a week.

Most of our school days also began with tests, which were brought promptly to evaluate the level of preparedness we had for our exams. Mom and Dad were very keen on ensuring that my class performance was impressive since students that scored below average marks were often requested to bring their parents to school, a factor that my parents greatly detested. The teaching methods adopted by my teacher in junior high school were equally thorough and comprehensive with teachers requiring students to answer questions on the whiteboard. I pursued 11 subjects, which were compulsory, and I scored impressive marks, which triggered my parents to provide me with more study materials for my studies. I finally graduated from my senior high school and my average marks were not as I expected.

Perhaps I was over-ambitious that I never attained the marks I was targeting; I could not proceed with my ambitions of becoming a doctor. I felt quite devastated and nearly gave up, but my parents still believed in me strongly and the efforts that I pledged in my work.

I began interacting with people from different career backgrounds and each person seemed to consider his/ her career to be the best and superior. Among the discussions, I had about career choices were becoming a lawyer, an accountant, designer and Tourism and hospitality management.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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