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The paper "My Experience in Pursuit of My Carrier Goals and My Future Carrier Path" is a great example of a management essay.   I am an African – American male citizen aged 39 years. We lived in Chicago and my father was working in Saint Anthony Hospital before he got transferred to the City of Melbourne Australia to Royal Melbourne Hospital for research and work. From my childhood, my aspirations in life were reshaped by my father who was a medical doctor. I wanted by then if I grow up to pursue a similar line of career path and I knew I would receive my Dad’ s support.

Upon my dad’ s transfer, I lost one full year at home not going to school. My mother was a housewife so she had all the time to tell me tales of different animals in the jungle each looking for means of survival. Dad later decided to settle in our new place and he bought us a house and this was followed by being admitted the following year to continue with my education. When I reached secondary school my mind began to drift away from my dad’ s carrier path, I began to appreciate life in terms of assisting other people and carrier-related to social work, community development and organizing projects to improve vulnerable people’ s life preoccupied my thinking.

I shared this with my mother who encouraged me to go ahead and follow my instincts. My drifting was brought by my peer's influence, enrolling in the school scout club was the beginning of appreciating the world in a new dimension. I began to see fault in my dad's carrier, being absent from us most of the time, and wherever I visited my dad’ s workplace I never liked the hospital mood, sorrow and despair are in the faces of most people. My dad later got a fatal accident and he passed away leaving us in Australia.

Life became very difficult for us to adjust, we had not yet acquired citizens of Australia and we could not qualify for minimum government support to those who are not working. I dropped out of school to assist my mother who resorted to selling vegetables to be able to provide for us.

Our relatives were far away some in Africa and Chicago where we moved from.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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