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name of the universityCAREER DEVELOPMENT PLANPersonal Career PlanNAME OF THE STUDENT: ADMIN. NO: COURSE NAME: COURSE CODE: LECTURER NAME: DATE OF SUBMISSIONREPORT Five-Year Career Development Plan IntroductionMany people have talked about the phrase, “a journey without a destination leads nowhere”. This proclamation rings in the minds of many people with a focus in life endeavours and it is remarkably true in the present growing workforce. The growth and development of corporations present several employment opportunities that calls for a specific skills, thus need to pursue a career course and plan is increasingly becoming essential nowadays (Billet & Henderson, 2011, p. 45). By determining career goals and objectives, one is capable of assessing what current skills and abilities are necessary in attaining that position, and the training and education needed before any advancement is possible.

My five-year development plan will encompass the changing environment of workforce in regard to my career, desired field of work, level and type of responsibility, capabilities to be used and how they relate to my desired field of work, values aligned to my desired field of work, view of success in the workplace, goals and objectives. Changes in the workforceThe key to a successful career plan and development revolves around the periodic evaluation and review of the five year plan in relation to changes in individual’s interests, the industry, the course being studied for and field of employment (Wigfield & Eccles, 2002, p. 21).

Reaching the point where you know what you want to achieve in your career can take time so your initial plans will probably be reworked several times. The important thing is to take your strategy as far as you can by comprehending your aptitude for certain jobs and gain an understanding of what employers in your chosen field are looking for.

The issue of competition on global market will more often than not force firms to adjust their operation to operate effectively. As such, human resource managers will also change their style of recruiting and concentrate to workforce that poses relevant skills and talents that are pertinent to the organisation needs. The changes in the workforce pose a potential impact on the changes in career trainings and education system, which is supposed to fit into the present job market. In life, one has to strategically plan everything he or she does to keep abreast with the daily demands result from work or family.

Even though, the sporadic changes in spheres of life do affect our plans, we should take a leap of faith and not give up in planning our undertakings. Thinking of where we are in career path today, we have to plan constantly everything we do, for example, plans for dinner, weekends, vacation, desired position of responsibility and organisation to work for.

Proper planning yield success in life when reality dawns and we appreciate our best decision we have made regarding our career, business, family and future (Billet & Henderson, 2011, p. 69). Desired field of workMy desired field of work is in transport and logistics. This is an ideal career for logical thinkers. Logistics pertains to the efficient and effective flow and storage of goods and services. It is part of the supply chain process that plans, implements and controls the flow of goods and services.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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