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The paper "Cairns Aquarium Market Research " is a good example of a business research proposal.   Cairns Aquarium is a 7,500  square  metres  tourism  infrastructure  worth  millions of  dollars  (approximately  $50million) in  the  centre  of Cairns in Queensland.   Undertaken  by Peddle Thorp  Architects,   the  design  includes  the  aquarium’ s  architectural  plans,   elevations  and  sections  plus 3-dimensional  CAD  sketches,   construction  details, schematics,   visitor  narrative,   final  materials  selection,   plant  and  equipment  layouts. The  aquarium  features  the  world’ s  largest  oceanarium  composed  of  the  largest  panels  ever  created. (Australian Leisure Management).   According  to Daniel Leipnik, Chief Executive Officer Cairns Aquarium,   the  outcomes  of  the  market  research  will  provide  great  grounds  for  investment. This  market  research  engaged  by  the  CEO Daniel Leipnik during  the  early  planning  stages  of  the  Cairns Aquarium among  other  objectives  is  aimed  at  determining  the  market  feasibility  of  the  proposed  aquarium  in Cairns. Well  researched  findings  will be  handy  in  coming  up with  valid  and  prudent  conclusions  on  whether  to  proceed  with  the  project  or  not.   The  report  is to  censured  information  on  market  size, demographics,   market  opportunity, the success  of  similar  ventures  in  other  places  and  key  data about  potential  clients.   The  market  research  will be  important  to investors,   various  government  departments  and  developers  who  will  use  it  as a  mechanism  to  ascertain  whether  the  project  is  suitable  for  support  under  various  subordinate  programs.   As  per Leisure Business Advisors, a feasibility  study  forms  the  initial  step  of  starting  an  aquarium  and  it  precedes  a  business  plan.   The  study  avails  market  and  financial  projections  and  analysis  to  be  employed  in  the  developer’ s  business  plan.   It  provides  critical  physical  organization  and  planning  recommendations  of  the  aquarium  business  plan  by  ensuring  that  plans  are in sync with  expected  financial  flow  and  market  demands.   Planning  guidelines must be in  place  first  before  construction  and  building  started.   Managers,   designers,   clients,   planners  and  designers  all  benefit  from  the  guidance  censured  by  the  feasibility  study. Background Briefly detail your understanding of the situation. Outline the major stakeholders involved and the reporting mechanisms. Based on the possible feedback from the relevant authorities and leadership infrastructure, the Cairns Aquarium we had to verify the presence of efficient and effective design of the project.

A variety of tools were used to consult, include and involve the stakeholders. Gathering information and sentiments about the project will be undertaken through a telephone survey, the use of social network feedback and media advertising. A provisional document regarding the stakeholders and data as well as information regarding the construction of the Cairns Aquarium is as follows: Purpose Describe the purpose of this market research and how the research findings will be used.

Identify who will use the findings and how the research will assist in their decision making. For example, product development or marketing planning cannot move to the next stage until this piece of research is completed. The market research will assist the Cairns Aquarium development team to advance from the initial idea in 2012 during the early planning stages towards commercialisation of a world-class tourist attraction in Cairns by 2016. It will be used to validate and ascertain the feasibility and viability of the proposed project. The research will be submitted to the government stakeholders and investors as a stand-alone assessment of the market. Objectives Outline the key questions that market research will be designed to answer.

In other words, what will you prove or disprove? For example, is there is sufficient interest in this product, what support could the project receive from business and government, what type of product needs to be offered?



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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