Essays on Cars and Culture: The Life Story of a Technology Essay

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The paper "Cars and Culture: The Life Story of a Technology" is an outstanding example of an essay on technology. At some point, the basic car innovations were considered new and advanced. However, advancement in technology allows for the production of cars that are futuristic and technologically savvy. The automotive industry, recently, has been a reflection of all that is high-tech. There has been a rapid shift from the basic commuter products, to ease, luxurious, and comfort-filled products. All these come with the advancement in the technological era (Volti, 2006). This paper will examine some of the innovations that ensure automotive advancements make the car industry a powerful force. The Global Positioning System (GPS) has been part of the automobile industry for quite some time.

However, advancement in technology leads to the creation of new GPS. This ranges from the anti-theft GPS to the tracking system that monitors vehicle movement. New GPS has an automated voice to instruct one of the directions one should take. Another innovation that emanates from the automotive industry is the sync technology. Partnerships among the major corporations in the technology era and the automobile industry are ensuring individuals enjoy their automobiles (Volti, 2006).

An example includes partnership between Ford and Microsoft. This sync technology enables a driver to communicate with someone, text, or listen to music through voice command. This is what is defined as hands-free technology, which encourages a driver to enjoy their vehicle's features. This is without running the risk of endangering other road users. Safety cameras are becoming a worldwide phenomenon in this industry. These cameras offer drivers information on oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

In some instances, there is also a night vision. Motion detection is also something worth noting about these advancements (Volti, 2006). In conclusion, the advancement in technology allows for many fields to grow and develop. It is vital to note this development in the automotive industry. It has assisted the industry to grow, hence; fostering many partnerships among them. This advancement is only an assurance of what more is to come, and the future in automobiles is now (Volti, 2006).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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