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IntroductionSEE business services is one of the few service enterprises based in England specifically the southern part of it. It deals with the provision of services and programmes to the small businesses as well as the new entrepreneurs within that region. It has 15 employees and 10 regional managers of whom they all work from their own homes. It is part of the large organization called entrepreneurship matters. Its main aim is to develop, celebrate and share its outstanding practices and successes of all the members and to ensure innovation is promoted in all of its sectors.

Currently the company has a total number of 80 small sized kinds of businesses and 100 new-registered entrepreneurship. After subscribing and paying the annual fee, the members are able to enjoy the following: a forum of online discussion, quarterly magazine, the development days, a discount on the professional services, which are offered by the company business services, access to employment advice and law, general annual meetings that are held at prominent venue. The head office is focused on the issue of maintaining the database for the members while the regional officer has the responsibility of recruiting, marketing and responding to some specific queries from the members, the production of magazines and offering of any additional services for members.

The senior management team of four people is responsible for the creation of administrative services, which are important in tracking of the member’s inquiries, wants and needs. The membership is growing at an alarming rate meaning that there is so much for the employees to do. This has brought some disadvantages because of the fact that the work is too much for the team and so the quality of their work has declined gradually.

After considering some suggestions from the member’s, three options were considered but the best way forward is the second option, which is the development of a centralized business development team. This was done through integration. The system mapA system map of department integrationThe SEE CompanyThe integration of departmentsThe integration of departments in any organization is very important as far as the performance, customers or consumer satisfaction, goal and objectives achievements as well as the ensuring the organization is very effective and efficient in all that it is doing (Douglas & Glen, 2000.) In this case, there is a need for the organization to integrate its security department, the existing quality department, environmental department and the health & safety departments.

There are also a number of advantages that are associated with the integration as well as some disadvantages. It is believed that such an integrated system is better than a system that has its departments working in an independent manner. Definition of integrationIntegration is one of a strategy any organization can use to add much value to its production in terms of increased production, organization’s management as well as the quality of the products the organization is dealing with.

Integration is a term that has diverse meaning depending on the context to which it is used. Generally, the term integration refers to the process of bringing some very different elements together to be able to form one whole unit. An organization that has a strategy of completely harmonizing as well as aligning all the operations within it is said to be integrated.

In an organization, integration refers to the act of bringing together all the departments that make up the organization together to form one unit, which is under the same management, control, evaluation, and monitoring. The paper talks about the possibilities for the integration security department existing Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety in See Company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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