Essays on Best Buys Fight against E-Waste Case Study

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The paper " Best Buy’ s Fight against E-Waste" is a great example of a Business case study.   One of the major reasons that have tremendously facilitated making Best Buy stand out in the retail electronics market has been its consistent focus on providing customers with value for their money. Best Buy has been keen on ensuring that customers come first in their business.   Moreover, Best Buy has engaged platforms to enable customers to air their views and this has given the company a platform to assess their performance through social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter (Westkämper, 2009, p. 97) Another critical factor that brought a sharp competitive advantage to the company has been the selective manner in which the company recruits its workers.

The company has over the years been able to bring on board a team of dedicated, talented, and highly skilled employees who have majorly facilitated in portraying a good image of the company as well as providing quality services (Ciulla, 2011, p. 84). Moreover, the company has unfailingly paid attention to employees’ views through active engagement on their online forums, blogs, and networks.

In addition to this, and in a bid to enhance sustainability, the company has given employees the freedom to initiate projects geared towards the improvement of the existing products. Consequently, this has earned the company a remarkable competitive advantage as innovation is very crucial in every business organization. (Adeola, 2011, p. 95). Finally, the Return on Work Environment system has tremendously ensured sustainable employment and subsequently lowered turnover rates due to the flexibility in employees' working hours. This has had the effect of making the company highly competitive as the productivity of the employees is not inhibited. Do you think the resources that Best Buy is investing to help consumers recycle their old electronic devices is a good investment for Best Buy? Definitely, I do think that these resources invested in assisting consumers in recycling are a good investment.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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