Essays on XCITE Church Positioning Strategies Case Study

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The paper 'XCITE Church Positioning Strategies" is a good example of a marketing case study. XCITE Church is a church located in Melbourne Australia. It was founded by university students in the year 2007. Its vision includes reaching out to the broader international community both in Melbourne central district as well as in the suburban areas of Melbourne. Several church members belong to Monash University and these same students live next to the university. XCITE Church also hires venues within the university in order to enable other students and other people within the university to access the services.

It is run by a voluntary pastor. This is mainly because it has inadequate finances to employ a full-time pastor. In the past, this church had part-time employees, but currently has none as a result of financial constraints. These financial constraints have created several problems for the church and its’ members. This report talks about XCITE Church and looks into the case of financial constraints facing the church. It also answers questions on the church’ s position strategies, challenges as well as the strategic direction to be followed in order to overcome these challenges. XCITE Church positioning strategies XCITE Church has positioning strategies.

These positioning strategies deal with the positioning of the church in relation to its adjacency with the people attending the services. The positioning strategy is an issue in the church since it creates problems in maintaining the church’ s’ unique position in the huge and competitive church market. A positioning strategy is conceived and even developed in many ways. It can be derived from competition, object attributes, the type of customers, application as well as the characteristics of a given product class.

All these attributes mainly represent a whole different approach to the development of positioning strategies. All of them however contain a common image in consumers’ minds or in the audience’ s minds. Some of the positioning strategies employed by the church include the setting up of a welcoming lounge. This lounge belongs to the newcomers whereby they meet up with the leaders of the church after the church services. These newcomers receive the welcome cards and in these cards, they fill in their details.

After filling in the cards, the ushers return these cards.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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