Essays on Burger Kings International Strategy and the Struggles to Succeed in the French Market Case Study

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The paper 'Burger King’ s International Strategy and the Struggles to Succeed in the French Market" is a good example of a marketing case study. Burger King is a multinational company with operations in numerous countries across all the continents of the world. As such, the company has adopted an elaborate international strategy in its bid to succeed in the international market. This is bearing in mind that the decision to venture into the international market was informed by the fact that competition was increasing at home from such companies as McDonald's implying a shrinking domestic market which necessitated a reduction in reliance on a single market.

As such, the company aimed at targeting markets with opportunities of high profitability as well as a large customer base in a bid to achieve higher economies of scale. Entering an international market is never easy owing to challenges that include tariffs and trade barriers and variable rates of exchange among other barriers. As such, an organization entering the international market has to choose between a uniform marketing mix as its global strategy or adjusting to the characteristics that are unique to the individual markets or localization (Vrontis and Kitchen, 2005).

As such, this paper looks at the international strategy that is employed by Burger King in its bid to succeed in the international market. It should also be noted that Burger King had initially entered the French Market in the 1980s before exiting in 1997. The company then reentered the market in 2013. As such, the paper will also look at the company’ s struggles to succeed in the French market. In so doing, the paper will analyze it's past and present position in France as well as the pros and cons of the market. Brief History of Burger King The company was founded in 1954 with its first restaurant being opened in Miami, Florida.

Its introductory product is credited with its growth and hence success is the Whopper sandwich introduced in 1957. The product paved way for the development of the burger king home of the whoppers campaign in 1958. Its first initial public offering was successfully completed in 2006 and thereafter it was acquired by 3G capital in 2010 and hence it was converted back to a private company.

It was again relisted in the New York Stock exchange through 3G capital retained 70% of the company’ s ownership.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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