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The paper "Etisalat Report Analysis" is a good example of a management case study.   There are several problems and issues within organizational operations, which create hurdles in its growth. With the rising competition within the telecommunication industry, Etisalat faces numerous challenges including supply chain management, network connection, and poor communication strategies. These problems require much attention of the management and require an immediate solution to ensure the maintenance of the required status within the telecommunication industry. The major problem within the company is associated with its GSM facilities. Within the telecommunication industry, the network is critical in ensuring the attraction and retention of the customers.

Through the research undertaken by the company on its operations, the management realized the seriousness of the issue relating to the quality and availability of the network that most consumers face. Most Etisalat consumers complained of the network stability provided by the company’ s GSM services. Another connection problem associated with the network provider is on the BlackBerry phones which showed poor connectivity (Gara,   2009). As a result, most customers feel reluctant in purchasing BlackBerry phones from Etisalat since they faced connection problems and getting their unlocking codes required for their smartphones.

According to the company’ s management, the controversial software upgrade that is sent to the BlackBerry users contributed to the battery problems in “ a very limited number of devices. ” The software aimed at improving the quality of network connection for various users after several allegations that it contained some digital eavesdropping tool. Recently, the company remained silent on the controversy that surrounds the software patch, which caused the mobile handset to overheat and rapidly contributing to power loss. Analysis and Evaluation  Communication systems within any country or industry play a critical role.

In the current media world, communication is considered an important pillar of development. Within the businesses, communication is important in every aspect: from the manufacturing of the products to manufacturing. Etisalat Company faces critical situations in doing business with most problems associated with an internet connection, which makes it important for the company to focus on various factors to ensure the provision of quality services, rather than focusing on factor, profitability. Telecommunication companies and phone manufacturers often work together to ensure that the products and services are readily available to potential customers.

Focusing on various factors might assist in establishing the long-term aspirations of the company. In Etisalat, the communication system is very weak which makes it difficult to maintain the required competitive advantage (Deloitte Technology, 2013). According to the management of the company, the problem is associated with a series of upgrades that it has been carrying out on its network. The majorly affected phone is BlackBerry, which had an internet connection problem that prevented the users from accessing the internet and sending and receiving their emails.

However, the company claimed to have resolved the issue with consumers citing that the problem perseverance with most complaints coming from the RIM device users. The problem originated from the company’ s international carrier link after the company undertook a priority investigation in a bid to resolve the problem.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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