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MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY: HARPO In the recent past, stakeholders in the management sector have attested to the fact that managing an organization is much complex as compared to the establishment process. Though this hypothesis has not been proven, it has been drawn from the fact that several organizations are always registered within different sectors of the economy, but do not stay relevant in the market for a considerable duration of time. Whether or not an organization develops into a global brand depends heavily on the management, as the section heads are tasked with the responsibility of monitoring the activities that take place within their various departments on a daily basis.

This essay aims to provide more insight on the management practices adopted by Harpo Productions, which is one of the multimedia companies within the United States. Going through the Harpo Productions case study, one cannot fail to realize to what extent the organization relies on Oprah Winfrey. In an ideal world, various professionals have always retaliated the importance of self-dependence, and the ability of an individual or an organization taking charge of its destiny.

The event of a management or an organization relying too much on a single leader, for example, is not healthy for the body, majorly because of the unpredictability of the market (Flamholtz 47). Moreover, the institution can have a rough time in case the leader they so much rely on quits or loses touch with the market. This is because the successor may not match up to the performance of his or her predecessor. Having only one super powerful leader in an organization can prove to be disastrous on several occasions.

This is because in as much as the leader may be highly regarded, he or she may not be in a position to handle all the potential challenges that the organization may be facing. It is for this reason that various organizations are structured into distinct sections, headed by departmental heads. The delegation of authority is of great significance majorly because it makes the management reachable and closer to all the other workers, thereby increasing productivity. Unlike the super powerful leader who may be bringing forth good results with walking around the organization, that may simply not be enough.

This is because effective leadership involves watching employees carry out their tasks while listening to their perspectives. Engaging employees in conversations is essential as it provides a platform for bringing forth and implementing new ideas (Flamholtz 68). Over and above, overlying on one leader damages the working environment as other parties will not feel appreciated. It is imperative for organizations to go the extra mile, and put in a place a system that accommodates the input of all the employees, this ensures that the various skills they hold develop into the right culture that they need to stay relevant in the market for a considerable duration. Oprah Winfrey is tasked with the responsibility of making sure that Harpo remains stable even after her departure.

Moreover, as it has been proposed in the case study, a succession plan appears to be the most preferred avenue through which a smooth progression can be established. Oprah Winfrey is a role model to people across both genders. She is celebrated majorly because she has always managed to make it big across all the sections of the global industry.

In order to ascertain that the Harpo Productions momentum is maintained, Oprah Winfrey should identify an ideal replacement and nurture him or her across the board. This will ensure that innovation is maintained, and that the organization does not go down when the Winfrey puzzle falls out of place. This trend has overtime been embraced by several global brands, including Apple, which brought in the current CEO Tim Cook early enough as the operations in charge, in order to learn from the much celebrated founder, Steve Jobs (Flamholtz 94). The main objective of Oprah Winfrey should be to regard her status as an opportunity for making others grow and develop.

She can achieve this by respecting all the parties and leading by example. Similarly, she should embrace rational persuasion and work towards inspiring the whole Harpo productions team through emotion. Oprah Winfrey should in like manner work towards being a team player and consult, thereby bringing on board all the ideas of all the other employees.

Over and above, she should embrace hands on leadership, such as the trend adopted by Amancio Ortega, who has managed to put up one of the most admired fashion houses in the world in Zara, through using the right information to arrive at the correct verdicts always (Flamholtz 94). Works-Cited Flamholtz, Eric. Effective Management Control: Theory and Practice. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2013. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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