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The paper "Analysis of Case Incidents" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. It is evident that this situation amounts to a gross violation of the code of ethics. This is because you used applications developed by International Solutions Inc after signing an agreement with your client stating that the documents were proprietary and their access was only for integration work for the project. You understand the implications of this act on all those involved (Dennis & Womack, 2006). I will schedule a crisis meeting tomorrow with the CEO to establish how best to advance the matter.

In the meantime, probe your team and find out who is responsible for violating the agreement. All employees are aware of the disciplinary measures taken in such cases. I feel strongly that the client, FirstRand Bank has to be notified of the malpractice that occurred and the necessary measures are taken to remedy the situation. This is because a violation of a code of ethics will strain the relationship we have with our client (O'Sullivan et al 2012). If they are satisfied with the outcome of the project, it is unlikely that they will want of it changed.

I have communicated with the CEO’ s executive assistant to schedule a meeting with Pat tomorrow. Phone call/voice mail To: Judy Dench, Executive Assistant the CEO From: Chris Perillo Date: October 18 Wanda Manners, manager of group 5 has informed me of a serious breach of an agreement made with client FirstRand Bank while undertaking a project for them. Some of her group members defied the agreement and included software applications developed by International Solutions Inc. The originality of the project has been compromised despite the fact that the client seems satisfied with the results.

I feel it is imperative that punitive action is taken against those involved in the confidentiality breach and that the client is informed of the matter (Clifford & Thorpe, 2007). This will help secure future relations with the client and maintain respect between us. Therefore, I need a meeting with Pat as soon as possible to discuss the issue more candidly. Relates to: Item# 4High priority Email To: Micky McIntyre, Group 5 Manager From: Chris Perillo Date: October 18 Complaints from employees ought to be taken seriously and as a group manager, you should find ways to deal with the same.

The matter is of great concern and I want it to be formally addressed as failure to do so will affect how such matters are resolved in future. This incident may also encourage other employees to continue with the same trend, thus making the women feel demeaned at the workplace (Mackay, 2007). Employees need to feel safe at their workplace because a positive work environment increases productivity. Furthermore, no one either male or female should be subject to sexual jokes and innuendos.

I will see to it that a meeting is called to address this issue and put the matter to rest. Managers should lead by example, which subsequently earns them the respect of their peers and subordinates (Cameron, 2008). I feel that Jay was wrong and he needs to clear the air by way of an apology. I am disappointed in your support of Jay and failure to acknowledge his unethical behavior.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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