Essays on Body Glove International - Thinking from the Customer Perspective Assignment

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The paper “ Body Glove International - Thinking from the Customer Perspective" is an impressive version of the assignment on marketing. This is a global company which has specialized in the manufacture of wetsuits of high quality for water sportspeople all over the world. They manufacture suits for customers who are involved in the sinking, surfing, scuba diving and jet skiing in addition to other water spots. The organization is, therefore, specializing in the production of such suits in which they supply the water sportspeople. The suits are of high quality and therefore attracting many customers.

This is what has made the company, which was started as a small company, to grow very fast and become an international company. The success of this company is a result of the following. First, the company has specialized in the production of high-quality wet suits, thus making many people be attracted to buy their goods. Secondly, the company has a very good management system in place, therefore making it possible for the organization to progress very fast. The company has a very good network of distribution of their goods so that there will be no lack of supplies at any given part of the market.

Lastly, the organization makes products taking special consideration of the customer's mind. Thus, they make products which are as per the wishes of the customers which makes them sell their products more. The company officers have made a decision to develop partnerships with a group of distributors. These distributors will employ salespeople to call on retailers who sell Body Glove products. What steps can Body Glove take to ensure that retailers and retail customers receive excellent services? The development of partnerships by the Body Glove Company is meant to increase the ability of the organization to serve its customers better.

However, the organization needs to be extra careful to ensure that the distributors do not exploit the retailers and retail consumers. The distributors have a high likelihood of exhorting these retailers and therefore making the customers of the organization lose interest in the company. As a result, a system of checks must be put in place so that these distributors will have no loophole of any exploitation (Kotter & Dan 2002).

The following are some of the ways the company can ensure that the distributors do not become exploitative: Fixed PricesBody Glove should start making all their prices constant in every place they trade-in. This means that the same product will cost the consumer or the retailer the same no matter which distributer the retailer gets the goods from. This will not be depended on the distance or region. All regions will set a price that is the same. In addition, the company will make sure that the customers know the recommended prices so that none of them will buy the products at a price that is above the normal price.

The distributors will be given discounts so that they will be able to sell their goods and services at a price that has been recommended without making losses (Mammlin, 2009). The fixing of prices ensures that the distributors who are operating in areas which have no sports clothes for water sports do not charge prices which are very high and thus exploiting the retailers and the customers of the retailers.

This is because of the fact that the increased prices will make some of the customers develop some negative attitude towards the organization and as a result fail to buy their products. In addition, the increase in the prices makes the consumers not to be able to access the organization's products and thus not to enjoy swimming with water clothes of their preferred company, the Body Glove Company.    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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