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David Christopher and Orthopedic SurgeonThe medical practice under David Christopher and Orthopedic Surgeon, in the OM4 4th Edition, tries to understand the concepts of capacity and measures, long-term and short-term capacity expansion strategies and also the logic and principles of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) (Collier and James 224). Evaluation of the medical practice of David Christopher Dr. Christopher, illustration 10.8, assembled data as an instance of the clinic's characteristic workweek. Most surgeons work for eleven hours every day and have one hour for lunch break or otherwise they are effective for ten hours continuously.

All performed surgeries are from 7:00 am in the morning to 12:00 pm, every four days in a week. The surgeons see patients, after lunch between 12 pm to 1:00 pm, and they occasionally undertake part-time lectures at a near medical institution. The doctors traditionally leave ten percent every week in the essence of safety capacity. This is usually for unanticipated patients with listed emergencies and surgeries patient arrivals (Collier and James 224). The substitution, as well as system times in illustration 10.8 showtimes, allowed amid each surgery for the purpose of letting the doctors clean themselves up, have a rest, assess the next patient's therapeutic record for any last-minute matters, and plan for the subsequent surgical procedure.

Dr. Christopher thinks these substitution times help make certain that the eminence of their surgical procedure is improved by creating time between the operations (Collier and James 224). The two alternatives on maximizing throughput of a patient Pre-notification from emergency medical service (EMS) team: emergency medical service (EMS) team plays the role of notifying the bed traffic regulator about each patient coming to the emergency department by ambulance, providing details on their therapeutic history, situation, and severity of sickness.

Care plan for regular visitors with persistent pain: A multidisciplinary pain managing team, which includes including a calming care pharmacist, hospitalist, pain-managing pharmacist, the emergency department therapeutic director, as well as an emergency department manager, comes up with individualized concern plans for patients with persistent pain who often visit the emergency department. Theory of Constraints is as well used to refer to a sequence of tools expressed as "thinking processes" and the sequence according to how they are used.

In applying the theory of constraints in this medical practice by recognizing the constraints and taking it as an excellent opportunity for improvement and using the use of the five focusing steps in identifying the constraints, deciding on the exploitation, synchronize everything else to the entailed decisions and elevate the systems constraint (Collier and James 224). Case study 2: Bank USA case study Challenges faced by the help desk at Bank USA The most problems associated by the Bank USA help desk includes, Resetting the Password of the Network Issues of not able to Mapping a Network drive Email malfunctioning of not sending and receiving mails Inability to sync the Outlook Calendar Computers are not connecting to a Network Connection of the Internet is not properly working Network Printer not connecting to the local host computer Unable to access Bank’ s database Problems on computer booting on.

Suggested solutions on the Bank USA help desk challenges Answer the phone properly Give an explanation of why the bank is choosing a specific way Read the bank notes Write useful bank notes Investigate previous bank cases for the unit/customer Know when to escalate a bank case Understand current bank policies Know the market of the bank Have direct lines of communications and are not overloaded with traffic.

The help desk should take ownership of bank cases Forecasting model The qualitative forecasting model was and selected in the case study to forecast the short-term demands of the Bank USA This is because the data involved with the bank is based on experience, judgment, knowledge.

In essence, therefore, the model is mostly preferred in projecting the demands of the bank that were too detailed.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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