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Case Study Crossing the floor – Conflict, Politics, Power and Politicians The power issues in this case emanate from dysfunctional conflicts that are resultant from disagreements among the members of the different parties. From the 2006 election, Mr. David Emersion of the Liberal Party was introduced into Harper’s government of Conservative Party and made the Trade Minister (Newman, pp. 1). In this case, the major cause of conflicts is that the supporters of David Emersion felt betrayed from the fact their candidate got a post in the opposing parties and are seemingly working in conjunction towards the same goal.

Emersion generates expert and reference power within himself. Mostly, this form of power emanates from charisma within the individual. The voters, on the other hand, work on the basis of the socials power that is directed towards the needs of the society as a whole. The decision made by Emersion to consider the job in the opposing party, in deed has ethical issues. In my opinion, I tend to believe that Emersion has the right to do what pleases him and that not always that one’s decisions must conform to that of the society.

Ethical issues in the organization are those that, work for the concerned individual while unethical are those against the individual. Emersion is offering his best in the organization; thus, ethical behavior since, he satisfies his desire to see change through his role in the party. The management of the opposing parties must work towards ensuring control of dysfunctional politics by eliminating objective performance strategies, reducing the influence of the top management and shunning discussions that are biased politically.

The conflicts in the opposing political parties emanate from dysfunctional conflicts that are resultant from disagreements among the members of the opposing parties. Personal conflicts between the voters are also causative agents of conflicts within the parties. Dealing with group conflicts must be collaborative, so as to solve the conflicts amicably, accommodate other individuals, sharing one’s thoughts as well as, avoiding situations that may cause conflicts with other parties. Humor may be applied in extreme cases. Reporting instances that may turn out to be disastrous if not handled with caution is beneficial for the two parties.

Case study 2- Growing Roots The leadership style of Budman and Green can be described as the leadership grid that indicates the concern of the managers to focus mostly on the production of services to its employees. This is evident from these two entrepreneurs who stop at nothing to ensure that its clients are not short of clothing, luggage and footwear in the market. The type of leadership portrayed by these two businessmen is not fit for the survival of the business. The type of management is confined on one sidedness of the organization’s operations and does not consider the long term survival of the business.

Too much concern for attainment of goals minus quality provision of services are the reasons behind rush decisions, which ultimately leads to issues in the organization not being in a position to meet the required international standards, as well as, the goals of the quality and standard provision of services to its clients. The management must work towards embracing skills of advocating for change and control over all its operations.

With this, the company will be better placed to handle conflicts that may arise in the organization and devise the best solutions to handle these issues. In the future, the management style employed in this context may not be useful for instilling change in the organization as the two managers mostly focus on acquiring profits without considering the image of the organization in the market. Consequently, there is a great likelihood that the business will collapse. Works cited Newman, Kevin. ‘David Emersion’s Switch to the Conservatives’. Global News Transcripts, February 6, 2006, pp. 1.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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