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Case Study about nursing professionThe major problems in this case is the way patients were handled in hospital, nurses was taking longer time to act on the problem which patients was undergoing, for example when Kim (patient) complained of the pain in the top of his foot, the nurse did not respond immediately, instead, she only promised to discuss with another nurse. This was unprofessional because if she knew she could not handle the patient she could have consulted the doctor. The second problem is when the patient asked the second nurse for the drugs for pain relieving.

The nurse laughed at the patient instead of treating him, and saying that she thought the patient was a lady. Such cases indicate that the nurse was not handling the patient in a proper manner. It is not the duty for a nurse to know whether the patient is a boy or a girl but should treat all patients equally regardless of the gender (Sherman and Matzo pp 90-94). In addition to this, the same nurse also fails to listen to Kim (patient) when he was explaining how he felt during the time he was discharged and instead she responded rudely to Kim by saying that “people who ride motorbikes have to expect to get hurt”.

This was negligence, the nurse was negligent of her duties and as per the contract which is there between her and her profession. All the professional doctors and nurses need to maintain high nursing standards and proper ethics expected of them when handling the patients in the hospitals. The nurse worsened the situation when she told the patient that he was supposed to die in such an accident.

From her conversation, it means that the nurse was not ready to offer her services and if she was ready, then it might mean she was not qualified in that profession. This is totally against the expected professional nursing standards for any practicing nurse. This nurse was lacking self discipline and she was not performing her duties accordingly as is evident on how she handles patient in the hospital. The nurse had taken it as if the young boy (Kim) had involved in an accident intentionally, in addition she fails to provide a proper discharge sheet to the patient, claiming that the patient was in a wrong ward.

This nurse had breached the legal code of ethics expected from nurses. Furthermore, the patient seems to be under the age of maturity, in some countries the maturity age start at the age of 18 years, and such patients deserve special care because it is believed that they have no capacity to contract, though they would be liable to meet all the expenses because the treatments are for his benefits. If the laws of that country (where the patient came from) regards minors as people who are below the age of 18 years, then the nurse would be accused of mistreating the minor and denying its right as a minor and a patient.

All nurses should not breach the contract which exists between them and the patients; they are expected to offer high standards of medical care and services to patients in hospital. The nurse can also be accused of mistreating the patients because the patient was a boy, this can be when she said to sister’s patient that “boys will be boys”.

From this statement it shows that she did not care because the patient was a boy and he deserves to be treated badly.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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