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The paper "Should Google Organize Your Medical Records" is a great example of a medical science assignment.   In this case, we are having a lot of aspects regarding corporate information and data. In this chapter main ideas and concepts demonstrated are based on corporate information handling and management. The initial concept that is outlined is about “ accountability” . Accountability is a major characteristic of any corporate or business systems as well as social organizations. In this scenario, we have seen that accountability offers the means those are in place to decide who took dependable action.

Here it is outlined that the web-based system for Google has to make sure accountability of its systems as well as those accountable for developing and upholding the system. Another main concept we have seen in this chapter is about “ responsibility” . Responsibility concept is about recognizing the possible duties, costs as well as obligations intended for decisions. In this scenario, we have assessed that Google has to make sure the bulk of responsibility intended for protecting the data as well as ensuring that it is utilized only for authorized tasks.

The third main concept we have seen in this chapter is about “ liability” . In this scenario, liability is an important element of political systems to prepare a body of laws that is responsible for authorizing the people to get better from the losses offered to them by other corporations, systems or actors. Federal and state governments must pass and enforce laws protecting medical data as well as its applications. Google has to take Liability intended for his online system (Laudon and Laudon; Prezant). This chapter has also discussed some moral dimensions.

Here I will present some of the main aspects that are mainly needed for playing a main role in the intended system. These moral dimensions are regarding the information system and web-based information safety. Main moral dimensions are about the information rights and obligations, system quality and accountability plus control. Below are the main stakeholders of this case study: Health-care consumers Patients Doctors Other medical professionals Insurance corporations Health-care associated businesses (pharmaceutical business, storage providers) Governments Google Microsoft Revolution Health Group Question No-2. In this answer, I will outline the main problems with America’ s current medical recordkeeping system and how electronic medical records alleviate these problems.

In this scenario, the initial problem regarding America’ s current medical recordkeeping system is traditional working practice because this system is still based on the paper-based mechanism. This system offers a number of problems regarding offering enhanced communications as well as information access. The present system for health care information and data recording as well as storing makes it hard. Here it is not possible, to systematically assess, examine and share the medical data and information records. This present system is as well extremely costly plus time-consuming to uphold paper-based medical records (Chan). Now I will discuss how electronic medical records resolve these problems.

Here we are having a proposed system from Google that is an electronic medical record system that offers consumers to enter their fundamental medical data into a web-based data and information repository and request doctors to send related information to Google web-based medical system through electronic means. One characteristic of the system will comprise a patient health profile’ intended for conditions, medications plus allergies, register intended for nearby doctors, personalized health advice as well as reminder messages intended for instruction refills or doctor visits.

The proposed web-based system will as well be able to recognize information as of a lot of different recordkeeping technologies at present in use through different hospitals as well as other medical institutions. The intention of the proposed online medical system is to offer the facility to medical concerned people regarding patients’ records. This data will be easily accessible, particularly in any medical emergencies. This system will also able to complete and to rationalize medical and patient recordkeeping (Prezant) and (Laudon and Laudon).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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