Essays on Challenges the Hotel Receptionist Faces Case Study

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The paper “ Challenges the Hotel Receptionist Faces” is an appropriate example of a finance & accounting case study. In this case, there are a number of challenges that the receptionist faces especially with regard to the visitors of the hotel. The female receptionists have a more daunting task since they are forced to dress in sexually appealing clothes and make-ups (Boella 2005). The female receptionist role is therefore prone to sexual harassment from male visitors. Another challenging aspect of the receptionist role is the kind of treatment that they should give to the hotel’ s visitors.

In most cases as evident in this case, the more friendly the receptionist (mostly women) the more prone to sexual advancements from the male visitors. As apparent in this situation, female receptionists are forced to appear moderately friendly and less responsive to the visitors’ compliments before their intentions are fully deciphered. The other evident challenge in the course of receptionist duty is how to react or cease visitor’ s unwanted sexual advancement or harassment. Because of the kind of dressing and reception that is demanded to be shown to visitors who are customers of the hotel, it is always very challenging to counter the consequences.

In some instances, the visitors cross their boundaries and hence cause emotional harm to the receptionist who is acting friendly. Mr. Abubakar in this case is seen harassing receptionists by actions and words because of his money and relation to the hotel. Question 2Sexual harassment can be actions and words that are wrongfully addressed to a person (especially women) in a way that is improper and abusive in nature. These words and actions are usually illegal and one can be charged in a court of law.

It is naturally wrong for anyone irrespective of the relation with a person to utter words or act in a manner that demonstrates unacceptable sexual advancements (Martin 2001). There are several instances in this case study that can be used to justify that Mr. Abubakar is sexually harassing the receptionist. The actions and words of Mr. Abubakar clearly demonstrate sexual harassment and degradation.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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