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Question one The three challenging aspects of the receptionist’s role that can be identified from the study include the following; 1. The role to always act in a friendly manner The first impression is of paramount importance in this industry and since receptionists are the ones that deal directly with the guests, they are obliged to act in a friendly manner (Jacques, 2000). However, this role has been identified to be challenging from the case study. This is because some guests such as Abubakar usually take advantage of this to invade a receptionist’s personal space or tempt them to flirt.

The guests at times misunderstand the receptionists’ friendliness (being nice) for wanting to be in a sexual relationship. On the other hand, the receptionists get confused as it becomes difficult to draw the line between being nice and making the guest understand that he is overstepping the mark. The role to act diplomaticallyThe receptionist acts as a bridge between the guests and the hotel owners since they are the one that make direct contact with the guests (Josef, 2001). As such, they have to act in a manner that portrays the good image of the hotel and give quality services to the guests to ensure that they always come back.

However, this is a challenging role to a receptionist as at times, they suffer silently even when mistreated by guests such as Abubakar in a bid to maintain a good relationship between the hotel and the guest. In other words, they find themselves torn in between pleasing the guest and the hotel owners and preserving their dignity. 2.The role to act patiently and efficientlyDealing with people like Abubakar calls for a lot of patience owing to their behaviors which are much disturbing.

At times such guests even interfere with their work and make demands that are annoying and attacking to the receptionists. If a receptionist is to preserve her job as well as the relationship between the hotel and the guest it calls for a lot of patience. Question 2Sexual harassment can be defined as any unwelcome conduct (sexual advances as well as other verbal and physical conduct of a sexual nature) on the basis of gender which affects a person’s job.

Such conduct has the effect of interfering unreasonably with a person’s job performance by creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment (Joyce, 2005). Based on this definition, Mr. Abubakar’s attitude towards the receptionist can be defined as sexual harassment due to the following reasons; Use of crude (sexual) language and off color jokesAccording to the receptionist, Mr. Abubakar acted very familiar with all staff and often referred to them by ‘pet ‘names with certain sexual innuendo. However, his attitude towards her was extreme and nagging to a point where even her fellow workers knew that he was interested (infatuated) in her and they used to tease her about Mr.

Abubakar. This is further confirmed by the fact that he always used names (and jokes) with sexual innuendo) when referring to her. This includes such names as sexy eyes, cheeky eyes, miss prim and proper among others. Such demeaning and inappropriate names were obviously meant to comment on the Girl’s physical attributes based on her gender something that used to make her intimidate and uncomfortable.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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