Essays on SWOT Analysis and BCG Matrix - Amazon Business Case Study

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The paper "SWOT Analysis and BCG Matrix - Amazon Business " is a good example of a business case study.   This report has emphasized on the Amazon business and how it has emerged as the leading electronic company in the world. In addition, it clarifies the challenges and possible solutions. The analytical methods used were the SWOT analysis, BCG Matrix through observation, qualitative and quantitative methods. The report has also focused on competitive position and the strategies the company has employed. This has made the company to gain competitive advantage (Cheng, 2007, 55). SWOT analysis and BCG Matrix have been emphasized and has come up with the opportunities, threats, weakness and threats facing the company.

The major recommendations in this report are the committee that should be formed so that it can guide the organization in the process of growth and expansion (Marcus, 2004, 130). In addition, it was recommended that the brand name should be unique so that it cannot be counterfeited in the market. These recommendations were the most outstanding because it could help the company in the coming five years to dominate the market (market leader).

Amazon. com is a multinational electronic commerce corporation, which is based in the United States of America (USA). Amazon was started in 1994 and launched in 1995 by Bezos popularly known as regret minimization framework (Marcus, 2004, 130). The firm was originally known as Cadabra, but it was later changed because some people heard it as Cadaver. The name Amazon was chosen because of Amazon River, which is one of the world largest rivers. This was meant to suggest that, Amazon is a large company and should expand its goods and services to all countries in the world (Marcus, 2004, 130).

This was his creativity and effort to avoid regrets for not having a stake in the internet gold rush which was in high demand globally. The top management is qualified to manage and run the organization. The company targets all countries in the world as its market. It currently controls almost 70% of the whole market in the world (Mara, 2004, 120). It is said that Bezos wrote his business plan while they were driving with his wife to Seattle from New York.

Its headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington DC (Hoorn & Wesselingh, 2009, 333). Amazon is the largest online retailer and most growth in the United States of America (USA). The company (Amazon) started an online bookstore but later ventured by diversifying to electronics and other related products. It has almost three times the internet sales returns or revenue than the second company known as Staples Incorporation; this is according to the statistics of January 2010. The company deals with several products and services.

Its products include videotapes, DVDs, music CDs, books, sporting goods, gourmet food, watches, jewelry, consumer electronics, lawn and garden items, kitchen items, toys and games, apparel, baby products, groceries, industrial and scientific supplies, musical instruments, beauty products, and personal-care items. Amazon has established websites in different countries such as China, Japan, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom (UK). The company provides international shipping to some of its products based on the order quantity (Mara, 2004, 122). SWOT Analysis Amazon incorporation has its own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

SWOT Analysis is a strategic method of planning used in the evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved in a business venture or a company. This involves the specification of the business goals and objectives, which entails the identification of internal and external factors that are either favorable or unfavorable to achieve these objectives and goals.

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