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IntroductionAs a result of reported losses brought about by the production of poor quality goods in the manufacturing industry, many firms have introduced a business management strategy that is useful in the reduction of defects and losses. This has resulted to the use of Six Sigma and lean manufacturing methods that are meant for the reduction of defects in production thus improving profits. Six Sigma is a process designed to increase outputs through the improvement of product quality according to De Feomn et al (2005). The main focus brought about by the process is the maximization of designs and operation margins thus minimizing overstress.

It also tends to minimize various defects that occur in business processes thus maximizing the companies output. This study shows a report and how the implementation of lean manufacturing and Six Sigma would help the Arrod Widget Company achieve its goals. Once the management employs the Six Sigma process, quality and efficiency issues that have been reported for ten years will seize. Tennant (2001, p. 6) says that this is because the process identifies and eliminates all errors occurring in the production process.

The process will also reduce cost of production thus maximizing the total output of the Company. The process is more effective since it uses various quality management strategies for example the use of statistical methods. The process will follow a certain procedure depending on the financial targets which include the increase of the organizational profits. The Six Sigma methodThe six sigma process is a terminology which is more associated with the manufacturing process which makes use of a statistical model. Harry and Richard (2000) shows that the maturity of the process is determined by the number of products manufactured without errors.

This is by ensuring that all the products produced are of high quality and that they perform their work effectively for example the Motorola Company had introduced the process in all its operations in order to achieve their goal for quality. This is because it reduces process variation thus achieving stable results in the manufacturing process. It is effectively used in processes that are easily measured, improved, analyzed and controlled. Effective supply chain management is also maintained due to the introduction of designs that are appreciated by the customers.

The Six Sigma process also motivates employees as they are involved in the decision making processes. According to Harry and Richard (2000) the process benefits the organization by building a good company reputation and this benefits a company whose markets its products globally. This is because new customers are created as well as improving the competitive position of the company. Most customers will therefore want to be involved in such a company and their value is improved.

The six sigma method also has various operational benefits. One is that the method reduced employees work loads though the use of integrated system. Activities that are of low value are also eliminated and this improves employee’s attitude towards work. The other operational benefit is that the process takes less time thus reducing cycle time and it also simplifies activities in the firm through increased workspace.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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