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Managing people and organizationQuestion One What is the central theme or what is the case trying to address?  Values  Change culture  Leadership  Change implementation  Change management  Values The MTC Company believes in originality as character and quality as a foundation. The company also seeks to maintain a constant development, steady progress and maintaining an outstanding performance in production. Being the largest manufacturer and the leading exporter of textile goods, the company aims at maintaining company values or developing other strategies that will keep the organization stable for example by improving their current system (Muhammad & Aftab, 2009).  Change culture The increasing demand of customers has made the MTC Textile Company change their culture by introducing new automated systems of designing.

This is because the previous system of designing was inefficient and therefore not meeting the demands of customers. Manual designing therefore was poor and also time consuming. Management thought that the time used in manual designing could be used in performing other organizational duties which could improve productivity. This led to the changes in the organizational structure as well as establishment of a computer division.

This structure was to introduce a new automated designing system where Mr. Ali was appointed the head of creative designing department due to his experience in the introduced  Leadership The organizational leadership is strong for example by appointing a head of department who has experience in creative design. His experience in the up graduation and implementation of automated systems in textile industry has also been valued by the organization since Mr. Ali would ensure that the employees adapt to the introduced system.

Mr. Ali is also aware of the best computer systems in the market and he also has experience in the systems since he had implemented the systems in other organizations.  Change implementationManagement is facing problems in implementing the new systems. This is because the employees are not ready to accept the change as they have been used to using the manual system of designing. Most of these employees feel that the introduction of new computers is the source of dispersing the workers.  Change management Managers have therefore held meeting foe encouraging their employees to adapt to the system.

They have also tried to show the employees the benefits of using the new automated systems in their organization. For example, Mr. Khalil who is the head of the manual designing department has tried to raise many points for proving that the system is good and that it will improve organizational productivity as illustrated by Muhammad & Aftab, (2009). The managers also suggested to the employees to adapt to the system since if it was not good then there was no need of changing.

Management then came up with new change elements which included getting rid of the existing employees and hiring new ones. This is because the organization needed workforce with compute skills and also people who can come up with new ideas that can benefit the organization as a whole. Question twoDetermine how to make things in the case better or how to improve the situation by analyzing the case supported recommendation.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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