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Organizational Change ReportIntroductionFrom this organizations context, it is clear that proper change in this organization is inevitable; they are part and parcel of what the manager’s and CEO as well as workers, have to live with in order for the organization to prosper. It is clear that the organization is countering; external pressure from Government and policy makers, as well as pressure from the internal environment particularly workers, so that the organization can survive amidst its challenges in today’s competitive business era. On a general scale, time and experience that an organization goes through would always make it necessary for change to be embraced in organizations.

Year in year out organizations are involved in a number of managerial processes aimed at reaching out towards their objectives; as organizations do this they come to experience progress that will need to be sustained as well as improved, on the other side they experience failures that they have to counter and embrace some changes so that there is no repetition of the same. Organizational change may encompass changing the working structure, changing how processes are managed, changing the schedules as well as the scope of work (Mehdi 2001, p. 37-47).

It may further include the restructuring the whole managerial policies and structure in a manner that is thought to bring positive changes that would be helpful to the organization. Organizations cannot run away from change in as much as many people are resistant to change. Change management is not an easy task because the managers have to involve others in the implementation of change. Many people do not just fear but resist change; so often the organization would face difficult times to manage change.

Essentially, the leaders of the organization should recognize that organizational change is not a one person/ manager affair but instead often all the members of the organization are involved in it. This means that the CEO has a big task to increase the involvement of other employees in the management of change so as to minimize resistance that has already began being evidenced. Success in change management comes when the managers and employees understand the usefulness of the changes they are fronting to organizations and to themselves (Cook & Macaulay 2004, p. 38-49). The challenges the managers might face when initiating the changeFrom the change, that was implemented it is reported that the staffs were in absolute disarray and were upset and very angry.

They were mailing each other, talking on the phones and holding meetings about the changes. They were talking about calling in and joining up to the Union. This means that mangers must set up change management policies that carry both the concern of the organization as well as that of the workers so as to make the workers to feel they are part of the project.

However, even as the new policies and strategies are implemented, managers often would face a number of challenges as they initiate the changes. These challenges include: (a)Challenges of Resistance from a number of workers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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