Essays on Challenging Aspects of a Hotel Receptionists Job Assignment

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The paper "Challenging Aspects of a Hotel Receptionist’ s Job " is a good example of a business assignment.   As seen from the case study one of the key challenges of a hotel receptionist is dealing with a wide range of customers with diverse behaviours. It is clear from the cases study that Mr. Patel was one of the guests or customers with different behaviours from those of other customers. Thus dealing with customers drawn from different backgrounds and with different behaviours is one of the main challenges of a hotel receptionist (Wijesinghe, 2007).

The second challenge of a hotel receptionist is maintaining a balance between pleasing the customer and achieving the objectives of maximising sales. It is evident from the cases study that customers are fond of requesting for discounts and waiver of charges from their bills once they consume foods and drink their most preferred juices and wines in the hotels. This poses great challenges to the hotel receptionist who struggles between pleasing the customer by waiving charges and giving some discounts on the bills and pleasing the employer by ensuring that customers pay their bills in full (Wijesinghe, 2007).

This is particularly difficult when customers such as Mr. Patel come into the picture The third challenge faced by hotel receptionist as evident in the cases study is maintaining emotions down in order to reduce conversations with rude and abusive customers. This is particularly true when abusive customers such as Mr. Patel attack the receptionist because of a little issue that can be solved through dialogue such as problems existing in the bill. The fourth challenge is maintaining a professional profile in an environment where people perceive a receptionist as a low profile person.

The fifth challenge is diplomatically solving issues with abusive customers and minimising disruptions brought by such customers while maintaining respect towards the customers. The receptionist must have strong personality traits in order to deal with the above challenges. One of the personality traits is maintaining honesty with the hotel superiors and seeking honest support from the hotel managers in difficult situations especially those situations initiated by the customers (Larry, 2008). Describe three precautions that the hotel took to prevent the conflict from escalating. One of the precautions taken by the hotel to prevent the situation from escalating was dealing with Mr.

Patel from his room instead of having him come to the receptionist desk. This minimised the number of abuses and confrontations that would have ensued between Mr. Patel and the hotel receptionists. It was also important to take this precaution because the time lag between delivery of the bill to Mr. Patel and getting the response from Mr. Patel gave the receptionist an ample time to prepare for any eventuality or distress response from Mr.

Patel. It is obvious that dealing with unreasonable customers calls for adequate time to prepare for any unreasonable responses that might come from the customer as was evident with Mr. Patel. Hence, dealing with Mr. Patel from his hotel room was an important precaution because it provided the receptionist with adequate time to prepare for unreasonable responses from Mr. Patel.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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