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Essays on Marriot Hotels - Marketing Research Problem, Research Design, Survey Method for Customers Response Determination Case Study

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The paper “ Marriot Hotels - Marketing Research Problem, Research Design, Survey Method for Customer’ s Response Determination" is a fascinating example of a case study on marketing. Marketing research has an important role to play in assisting Marriot to come up with sound marketing strategies. Marketing research helps in guiding marketing decisions done by the company. Strategies like segmentation and choice target market can only be carried out if adequate marketing research has been done. Opportunities for expansions and changing consumer needs can be determined through thorough marketing research. Marketing research is important when dealing with competition.

It is vital to have information about the level of competition in the market and this information can only be gathered from marketing research. Knowing the strategies applied by competitors would enable the company to understand what to do in order to avoid stiff competition. Customer profitability analysis would enable the organization to maximize its profits. The increase in sales can be actualized through enough marketing research to look for emerging markets and new trends in the market. Marketing research reveals information that would not have been known to the management if they had done the investment venture without research.

Marketing research avoids imminent losses and ensures that the business is ahead of competitors. Market research is very important for the growth and development of the Marriot chains of hotels. Question 2Management decision problemThe penetration of the non-business-travelers segment will come with a call for decisions concerning specific quality that customers need. Marriot will have to identify the type of competition that exists in the market and how to exploit the weakness of the competitors to gain entry into the market.

The management will have to carry out thorough marketing research with the aim of gaining knowledge on the needs of the customers in the United States market and how their needs are met by existing service providers. Surveys and focus groups will come in handy when it comes to investigating the customer reception of Marriot in the United States market. Trends and attributes in the market have to be learned fully before Marriot sets to invest in the non-business-travelers segment. The size of the market has to be established at its profitability understood (Tabachnik & Fidell, 2001). Question 3Marketing research problem on the identified management decision problem identified. Marriot will carry out market research to establish the viability and profitability of the non-business-travelers segment in the United States.

Marriot has to know whether the venture of penetrating into the United States non-business-travelers segment will yield returns and cover the costs incurred. The existing threats to market entry and the strengths of competitors in the market have also to be determined. Marriot would seek to know the size of the market and the possibility of it yielding the desired returns (Patton, 2002).

The hotel chain has to come up with a brand name that would sell in the United States market. Question 4Research design to be adoptedRandomized experiment design would be the most appropriate whereby surveys and focus groups will be used in carrying out market research to determine consumer perception and behavior in the United States market. Experimental designs are important since they give the management a clear picture on the ground instead of using many theories and assumptions.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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