Essays on Ways of Introducing Short-Term HR Strategy into Hartley Case Study

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The paper 'Ways of Introducing Short-Term HR Strategy into Hartley" is a good example of a management case study. The first step is to identify the HR-related problems facing the company. This is essential because it will allow the formation of the best approach. In this sense, issues such as lack of communication between the workforce and the management should be addressed by encouraging communication. The focus given to finance, marketing and technology should be done equally in all the company’ s departments. Encouraging the free flow of communication and establishing consultative and information arrangement is also essential(Greene, 2008).

This will provide a good environment for the introduction of short term HR strategies proposed by the CEO. A personal development program that aims at improving employees’ competence in different areas should also be developed in the organization, the approach can be different depending on the varying roles of employees in the company, a general soft skills or peoples skills can be integrated into the overall approach. More so, encouraging employee respect is also an essential approach to ensuring that the entire workforce is motivated(Salkind, 2004).

Ensuring equal pay based on a job description should be ensured, this is an important approach in developing teamwork since varying salaries on the same experience level and job description causes tension and hence limiting teamwork. Considering the redundancy program that has affected the company, a proper communication process regarding this issue should be designed in order to eliminate the fear of losing jobs. How issues of vertical and horizontal integration can be built into this strategy Hartley has experienced some significant growth over the past three decades of its existence, with the new CEO who is willing to address HR-related issues developing strategies for company growth is essential.

There are two ways of fostering growth namely, vertical and horizontal. The vertical approach involves owning some aspects of the business which are normally outsourced to other firms such as supply management and distribution.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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